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  1. kent, have you got any other photos of your watanabes on the car? and what made you choose 16" instead of 15"?
  2. also from 440k: http://www.ajps.com.au/parts/performance_wheels.asp
  3. Noddle: here is some information given to me by 440k : According to the Watanabe sales stuff, the following wheel offsets fit the C110GTR: Designed with: Front: 14-8.0 -6 Rear: 14-8.0 -13 Watanabe suggest the following wheels: Front: 15-8.0 +/-0, or 16-8.0+/-0 F8 Rear: 15-8.5 -6, or 16-8.5 -6
  4. hey tyrone, have a look at www.datsport.com they are in adelaide, australia, and have many useful bits and pieces, and plenty of knowledge on datsuns
  5. thanx dan_j, more pix would be good, you can never have too many the bad thing about watanabes is the price, I am quite keen to get some of the other things that I mentioned before they all become astronomically expensive, but wheels will have to be purchased soon. is one of those k's yours?
  6. here's some photos of my k, which is coming along slowly, still got to do a full respray (thinking r32 gtr white) but not sure what wheels to use... I got these aluminium wheels for when I added the flares, they have quite a large negative offset, but I am thinking that some watanabes would be a little sweeter. also needs a tidy up in the engine bay, and most of the gtr bits - mirrors, grille, badges etc. It's not a cheap excercise gathering the bits, is it? On yahoo at the moment, someone is selling a grille for over 1700 dollars. I find it amazing that these parts are starting to be worth this much!
  7. i will have a look at my collection, I just aquired another 2 door, and I have a few other centre consoles lying around... I should have something for you Kid.
  8. Kid K, maybe you should get some sort of list going of everyone who is interested in parts, it could help you fund your K project I would buy your reproduction parts if you had some to sell...
  9. yeah i got a hardtop, an i'm in act. have a look at my photo album and see if it was the same car, but I haven't seen one on the road here for a long long time either, so it was prob me. although a couple of other people in act are working on 240ks, no one else has theirs finished.

  10. hey champ, think i saw you drivin round canberra last sat

    i was driving a slapped out skyline wagon, black n gold,

    your dat looks sik, first hardtop i have personaly seen on the streets apart from mine,

    im in canberra a bit for work, if you dont mind id like to come have a look at your k,

    if you dont mind my number is 0405920513

    next time im in canberra will be for summernats

    cheers man

  11. Hi Shm17y, I have a rb motor in my 240k, you will need to make engine mounts or modify crossmember, and make a gearbox crossmember. I am using an r33 turbo gearbox, and the clearances are tight, but no panelbeating required, smae goes for the sump if you are not using a cast aluminium 4wheel drive sump e.g. stagea motor (which I am using now any questions or info needed, I will try and steer you in the right direction. Danny
  12. Oh ok, This grill on yahoo was sweet, but the original items seem to be so very expensive! I would certainly be keen on prices for a firbeglass option!
  13. hey kent, you just won it on yahoo didn't you I was watching and I was going to bid on it, but I was back inside a couple of minutes too late!
  14. Hi Matt, we have sent a couple of emails, but keep getting "sending delay" messages back, i have left my number on your mobile, please call back anytime.
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