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  1. I installed the black dragon kit. The doors were very hard to close for the first week or so. I am about 2 months into it and the door are about back to normal now. Just takes some time.
  2. So I would still like an opinion from those with experience with these issue - sound like a valve or rings? Based on what I have read, if the comp only goes up 10psi with the oil test that does not seem conclusive for bad rings.
  3. Ive done some research on this- most tech forums indicate that if the rings are worn, the compression should come up significantly (30 to 40 psi) with the oil test. Mine only came up about 10 psi, so I am assuming I have a leaky valve, although could also be the head gasket, although there is no oil or water leaking.
  4. So what's the verdict on the compression going from 90 to 100 with the "oil squirt" test? Bad rings in the cyl or think it's a valve? Rather do a head than an entire rebuild.
  5. Did the oil test. went up from 90 to 100. Did it twice just to check. Not much of an increase, is this conclusive? So valve or rings?
  6. Thanks I will try the oil test tonight and post results. I was wondering if 150 is a decent compression number for the 1975 motor. I believe the motor was lower compression in 75 for emissions reasons.
  7. 75 280. Engine seemed like it was running a little weak. Did the cyl by cyl pull the plug and injector test to isolate. #2 cylinder seemed to be the issue. Did compression test, that was about 90 PSI in #2 while rest were in 150 +/- range. Car does use some oil (blue smoke) when under hard revving, but not under normal driving. Does not leak. Temp runs fine. Oil press is fine. I was under impression if you had bad rings or valves the compresssion would be zero, not just down about a third. Anyways, would seem to explain why the engine seemed to have a little less power that before. Has 110K on
  8. I like the $150 exhaust story and to me it's a perfect DIY hobbyist solution to an expensive problem. Unless you are rebuilding a garage queen, big part of the fun is shade tree engineering stuff that works and is cheap without being junk. I have a BMW and Porsche as well, and one of the reasons I got the Z is the relative economy of modding/restoring the thing. Everything on the german cars is $1,500 and up. I keep those basically stock. The Z is my tinker car. These cars have always been relatively inexpensive, which attracts many hobbyists. FYI, on the Porsche board you see many guys swapp
  9. I got some 6 x 3/8 flathead screws from Home Depot. These are very short and small. Drilled holes, screwed in, painted tops flat black. Worked like a charm.
  10. Have new fuzzies that mount to the door panels I got from MSA. Problem is the originals look they are attached with heavy duty metal staples. Any ideas on how to attached the new ones to the panels? I guess epoxy glue might work.
  11. I should have taken more before pics...frankly I was so disgusted I got out my sanding blocks and 3M Wet n Dry 360 and went to work..... Take my word for it, it looked like the guy never painted a car before. The funniest part (wasnt funny at the time:mad:) was the lack of paint coverage below the beltline of the car. Looked like he didnt bother to get low and spray down there much at all. PLus the runs.....man I have been on alot of paint sites, I have NEVER seen such humungus runs. Seriously looked like maple syrup poured on the car. Anyways, the Wazi guys did great work. Things are a little
  12. Just got it back, what a relief, awesome job. About $2,000 for the base/clear. I had all the trim, windows, bumpers etc off the car, but they did all the sanding, blocked out the doors, etc. They have a very new, hi tech shop, full modern heated booth, etc. Anyways, finish is like a mirror, looks better than the paint on my new BMW. If you need paint in Atlanta, call Brian Wozniack at Wazi Autobody in Cumming near the lake (770) 888-7455. They even picked up the car on a flatbed at my house for me. I would recommend them highly. Here's some pics:
  13. FYI I just scored one thru Black Dragon- I needed the 260-early 280 kit, they have 2 left if you need one.
  14. The "friend of a friend" part is what kills you. Ever sell a car to a friend? Guaranteed to fall apart as soon as the check clears, I dont care if it was the best car you ever owned. Anyways, I can afford it, so just writing it off to being an idiot and not going w my gut. Im too old to make these kind of mistakes:finger: Anyways, guy is coming over tonight to take it away and fix it, will cost about $2K which is not bad.
  15. MSA is backordered for months on this kit. Black Dragon is out as well. Anyone know where I can get the full kit for a 2/75 production 280? Thanks in advance.
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