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  1. I like flares and all, but that's a bit much.
  2. Whoa... that looks absolutely disgusting. Diamond in the rough, i guess.
  3. DJEuphoriKa

    little fuzzy

    Mmmm fat flares, black hood, and no bumper. Just the way I like 'em
  4. DJEuphoriKa

    No caption

    I dig the flares
  5. Here in so-cal, there's a lot of guys with lifted 2wd pickups with fiberglass fenders, no bed floor, and a full set of spares mounted on the roll bars (2wds are cheaper to buy and insure, but they still wanna have fun out in the desert. Or at least look like they wanna have fun out in the desert.) These guys think they're friggin Michael Schumacher weaving in traffic and screaming around corners. I keep waiting for one to tip over so I can stop my car right next to it, get out, point at the driver and laugh. Next to that would be homeboys driving lowered cut-spring civics with no hubcaps and loud-arse mufflers.
  6. DJEuphoriKa

    Another 4WD Z?

    Whatever it originally was, it probably isn't anymore, drivetrain-wise. If there's a V8 swap on it they probably put on a matching automatic transmission and transfer case, like a TH-700-R4 or something. Still. It's one more perfectly good Z body wasted. I hope he sold the original drivetrain to someone who could appreciate it.
  7. DJEuphoriKa

    Look at the side panels

    Chain-link steering wheel? Skull shift knob (with blinking red eyes)? A mural of Jesus or the Virgin Mary on the hood?
  8. DJEuphoriKa

    Monster Z

    A friend of mine tells me that there's a trend of lifted civics and integras and such going around where she lives in the San Fransisco bay area.... Is this the future of sport compacts? *shudder*
  9. DJEuphoriKa


    The RB motors pretty much fall right in, right? How much would one cost? A single-turbo RB25 would be cool, too, if it was significantly cheaper.
  10. DJEuphoriKa

    240z by Miya

    Nice color, love the individual throttle bodies. Super-clean Would almost make me feel guilty about thrashing around in it.
  11. DJEuphoriKa

    Look at the side panels

    Is it rolling on 13" daytons, too? And is there a mural of Jesus or the Virgin Mary on the hood?
  12. DJEuphoriKa


    Hehe looks like the wires I have running around the engine bay in my truck for my tach At least I tried to tuck them up against the firewall with duct tape and zip ties.
  13. DJEuphoriKa

    The Ghost Rider

    Hey look it's Jesus!
  14. DJEuphoriKa

    The Ghost Rider

    Umm... Ok it had the hardcore NASCAR theme going on and all, but the little mural thing on the spoiler needs to go. Nothing against homosexuals, but I DO have a problem when you go around forking up perfectly good cars. Especially when they aren't dime-a-dozen civics and the like. And are those Camaro tail lights?
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