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  1. I like wagons too! Volvo 240 turbos and 955's are fav's, haha:D! I remember drooling on your 510 a while back when it was for sale too! As far as BMW's go, Just sold my E30 M3 in Dec '12 and miss it, a well-balanced machine to say the least. A few 2002's in the past including a 73 2002tii which was a great driver. Not much into the newer ones although very, not visceral enough as the Datsun's for me(or early Porsche 911's which are my all time fav!) Nice to see some early BMW lovers:classic:!!
  2. Will do. Yes, for sure. Here's how she looks with damaged parts removed...
  3. So, after removing the damaged parts, it looks like the radiator core support panel is slighly pushed in and needs to be replaced unless there is a way to cut in another good section because the hinges punched through it. The right fender is buckled, but I wonder if the mounting section can be repaired with a good one? The other parts are obviously 'toast'(See Carnage Pic). I'll have to bring it to a body shop to see what it's going to cost to pull out and straighten the right quarter area. I'll get a close pic of the radiator core support tonight.
  4. Thanks for all the positive comments!! We know it will be a slow rebuild process, but will have to be patient and take one step at a time to get her back on the road. Already checking CG for parts. Some local stuff popping up all the time. TLORBER, just happens we are headed to SoCal this Sunday thru Wed.
  5. :cry:Ohhh uggh! Well, only after 2 months of ownership, my son got into an accident on the way to school:( He's fine, just a bump on his nose and no one seriously injured. The only damage was to the front end of the Z. In fact, the truck he rear ended left after making sure my son was OK. The truck was so big and since the Z is so low, it must have just hit the lower part of the bumper and by the looks of the crushed hood, it had some sort of vertical bar on it. Lesson learned. But, what was a minor project has turned suddenly into a much bigger one, that's for sure. In the process of takin
  6. Thanks for all the help. Checked system with Multi-meter and looked like alternator was fine. Double-checked by bringing in to O'Reilly's and confirmed OK. Battery also took in and confirmed it had dead cell. Replaced battery(reversed Poles) and all is good now. Now back to wiring under column (among many other tasks!).
  7. Thanks! Will download FSM for sure. I think extra relay IS for non-stock headlamps.
  8. OK, just until a few weeks ago, had no electrical or starting problems. Now out of the blue, our ’73 Z has been having to be jump started every time. Only just after driving it turning it back on within a small period of time(10-15 min) does it start right back up. In addition to the starting problem, the headlights stopped working(since then found connector popped out of relay just under steering column). Now headlights work(both low and high), but running lights stopped. Blinkers/hazards/stop are all OK. Let me say that I was working around the steering column trying to fit the plas
  9. Thanks! I've got the dam so shouldn't be a problem here. I may just splurge for Pana's:)... Nice. Still some gap there even when lowered? I'm gonna stick with 15x7. In fact, I ordered the 15x7 Rota RB's with tires and they called back and said they were out of stock until next month. Tried Racinglab and they have a set, but have a deposit on them already:(. Still trying.
  10. Oh, I forgot to mention the offset on the Rota's were +4 as 0 offset is not available(not many 15x7 4x114.3), except Panasports and VTO's that come to mind.
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