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  1. Ahh the internet, where everything you say is over analyzed by information heros like yourself to make you look like the guy who knows everything. It seems every forum has a troll like you who puts down people to make themselves look better. You're arguing about what brand of paint I use!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!! I've stopped posting on virtually all boards I used to because of people like you. So please STFU before you drive anymore people from here. This is the last post I'm every making here so I don't care if I get banned- Escanlon- **** you troll!!!!
  2. I used SEM Rust Shield on mine. It's half the cost of POR 15 and works just as good. I'm painting all unseen areas with it. As said, this paint sets HARD. You may want to put a junk bolt in a hole and paint around it or you'll wind up using a tap to get rid of the paint.
  3. You can buy cheap, what I call "primer guns" for ~$45. One of my friends wrecked two of her cars so I wound up using it to actually paint. It turned out really good! I've also got a little touch up gun, which is like a mini paint gun. It's good for getting into tight places. There's no way I'm spending $150 for a giant piece of equipment I'm going to use once, which is the problem with engine cranes. Luckily I live in a red neck town so engine cranes are all over! It should only cost me a case of Old Mil'. BTW, that black engine bay looks great!
  4. My engine bay is stripped of everything but the engine. No crane! I need some metal work to be done before I can even think about painting. The lower shock towers need to be cut out and patches welded in. Then the battery tray. This is why rust removal is just like cancer surgery. I had a small hole that I thought could be fixed from the outside. It turns out that by the time it was cut completely out, you can stick your fist through it! I cut my batter tray out to reveal heavy scale under the tray. Had I not removed the tray, I would have never been able to get to that rust. As of now, I'm going to give it a shot with the paint gun. White paint is dirt cheap. I've got reducer an all the other things I need from a previous job. The rustoleum is going to be a last resort. First I need to find an engine crane......
  5. Maybe it's just me, but I think we should lock all the car manufacturers and oil companies in a room and say "don't come out until you've solved the problem." Right now the manufacturers are going in all different directions for alternatives. Some are gas/hybird, diesel/hybird, bio diesel, hydrogen, electric, E85, etc, etc. They need to narrow it down. Energy companies can not support infrastructure and logistics for all those types. Can you imagine pulling up to the pumps and there are 10 of them!?! You can not have many types of fuel and have it cheaper than gas. This is why you need the oil companies. They have the infrastructure, distribution and of course money to support a change of some sorts. I don't think ethanol is the permanent fix we need. It's based on agriculture which is just as volatile as oil. Look at the flooding now. Iowa lost 20% of it's corn crop. If you are adding 75% more ethanol as you are now (we already have 10%), you need every last bit of corn/sugar cane/etc. you can produce. Right now we on top of a bubble. People are panicking. We are in no danger of running out of oil. There is no shortage, you can still buy gas. I think a lot of the problem we have now is good old fashioned american greed. Both on the consumer side with giant SUVs/trucks and gas sucking cars people can't afford and with investors manipulating the markets.
  6. The car is red now and there is some rust thats need to be cut out. I don't want a white car with a red engine bay. I can't stand rat rods! I got to thinking about this last night and I think I may go with paint gun. That way I can "test" colors. I want to do something to the white to make it stand out a bit. (pearl, met, candy, etc.)
  7. How bad is it if I use Rustoleum in the engine bay? I'm not one to be cheap but I look at it this way- The car is going to be white. I detailed cars for 15 years. White looks virtually the same no matter how much polishing you do to it. I can't see spending money where it's not going to be noticed. I'm more of a "if it doesn't make it go faster, stop quicker, or turn better you don't need it" type of guy. If some people have painted their whole cars with it, how bad can an engine bay be? I do have a small touch up paint gun so I could shoot it with "normal" paint if I have to. I guess I'm looking at it as, if I can save ~$100 to have a body shop paint it, I can put that $100 into the engine.
  8. That's funny because there's an ad on the left of the screen that says $350. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&viewitem=&ru=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.ebay.com%3A80%2F220244958312_W0QQadgroup_idZ301053201QQcreative_idZ1376597181QQfclZ4QQfnuZ1QQfsopZ1QQkeywordZ240zQQoriginZhttpQ3aQ2fQ2fwwwQ2eclassiczcarsQ2ecomQ2fforumsQ2fshowthreadQ2ephpQ3ftQ3d30904QQtestZGadgetQ5fKWQQtypeZQ7bifsearchQ3asearchQ7dQ7bifcontentQ3acontentQ7dQQfviZ1&item=220244958312
  9. This sounds a bit sick, but I'm starting to LIKE the high gas prices. I live in a very deprived area where $10/hr is "good". People don't have the money drive aside from necessities. The roads are DEAD! I ride a bike ~20mi a day so I love it! I'm actually considering buying a motorcycle again because I'll finally feel safe on it. Most people who are complaining about gas prices are living in excess anyway. I have no sympathy for someone who it driving a Suburban financed for 84 months, a 30yr no money down mortgage on a house 50mi from work, and maxed out credit cards. Working in cars dealerships my whole life, this describes a majority of SUV/truck buyers. The only people I really feel sorry for are truckers and people in the airline industry. My DD gets 34mpg and was well within what I could afford to buy. Yes, these prices are BS. Of course there are some scum bags manipulating the markets, but we've known that for years. I do not think the world can go on with prices this high and soon those people making money will see that also. Mobil is selling off gas stations because they aren't making money. People are putting all their money in their tank (profits of penny's/gal) and not buying the profitable snacks inside. Eventually things will balance out. In reality, $4/gal only amounts to a couple hundred more per year. If a couple hundred more per year is that much, then you should seriously look over your budget. BTW, watch out for the fuzz!!!!! Less cars on the road mean less cars for tickets. Police budgets are out of wack due to the high cost of gas. That means they're going to have to write MORE tickets for LESS cars. I've seen more speed traps this year than I have since I started driving. You won't be complaining about gas when you get a $250 ticket and your insurance goes up for 3 years!
  10. I know someone with stub axles. Shoot me a PM.
  11. Carl- When does your syndicated column come out?
  12. Ahhhh this gets me going. I try to buy things NOT made in China as much as possible. I bought a TV/ent. center a couple days ago. On the ent. center's box was a big USA...so I bought it. When I get home I notice that it says "Designed in USA" and in small print underneath, "Made in China." I got suckered like this on my road bicycle. A big "USA" then in small print above "Engineered in" and below "Made in Taiwan." Had I known that I would have bought a Trek, which is made here. Look out for deceptive USA labels!! What worries me the most is not the price of gas, it's the price of oil. Gas is a large part of the problem, but oil is in literally everything we use. Dow Chemical was saying they're raising prices 20% as well as several other large chemical companies. That will have more impact on us than gas. While gas will fluctuate, companies NEVER lower their prices once they raise them. BTW, if any of you watch the news, the last gas report- Inventories shrunk, prices when up, as DEMAND SHRUNK. That does not coincide with supply/demand...someone is fiddling with something somewhere.
  13. What I think it totally insane about these tree hugger laws is they do not take into account THE AMOUNT DRIVEN!!! Yes a Ferrari pollutes and sucks gas like a SOB.....but try to find me a 10 yr old Ferrari with more than 50k on it. It's very rare. Considering they only sell a couple thousand a year, it's not even a blip on the radar of overall car sales. Now take the suburban soccer mom with one kid who buys a 15mpg Tahoe and drives it 20k a year. (Most of that time putting on make up and yapping on the cell phone) How is that "better" than the guy who drives a Ferrari 2k? It's what happens when you have these liberal groups influencing government regulations. You get an SUV that gets 15mpg driven 20k a year yet is "clean" and a 20mpg supercar driven 2k that is "dirty". I don't see how Porsche can be made to almost go out of business to due CAFE, yet Ford is allowed to put 1 million gas sucking F-150's on the road a year with no penalties. The Aussie laws are somewhat a step in the right direction. It recognizes these cars as a non DD. I've always thought being clean is part of it, I'm a closet tree hugger myself. What should be regulated is OVERALL CONSUMPTION. That is the biggest issue we have right now is a supply/demand problem. We have clean cars.
  14. You don't think it could be a bent stub axle do you? It doesn't make a grinding noise when it's turned. This stub axle came off a parts car. The other side is original. Either way, I'm going out and buying a slide hammer tonight.........
  15. They're too big. Yes my sleeves are removed.
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