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  1. It looks to good to be wrecked. Why not store it for a later date?
  2. sell it or try and find a place to store it. u can get it fixed for a price. it looks like a tidy car.
  3. I appreciate all your comments. at the moment however i have just spent a fortune on my early vin Australia car no#213 and its still not finished. How ever my plan is to tuck this car away for a later date and slowly gather up bits and pieces for it. As said its a rusty mess at the moment, but all can be redemed, and its matching numbers with a full history. I wish i had a photo of the car the 2nd owner who i purchased it of before he parked it.
  4. I have decide that one day his car will be back on the road, or atleast the tags and motor. as far as the body goes it's pretty shot. however if i can track down another body or if any one has one for sale i would be interested. since it is matching numbers and everything is there, i figured later on it would be hard to replace a car with all this, and beside for some stupid reason i always set myself to get this car.
  5. have you got any more updates yet. she looks good
  6. by the sounds of it and speaking from experience, thats a head gasket. I know on my 260 we ad to replace the head because it was common for them to crack. how ever lucky for you they are asy to do.
  7. Hi all, i have found a serious 1 240z and would like to know how much it's worth. it needs a full resto but is complete with ll the original parts and alot of them have been reconditioned such as dash, bumpers, seats and radiator. the body is really good with only about 1% rust. just wondering roughly how much i should pay? like to hear your comments.
  8. I do have skills to do some things to fix this car as welding. but stuff like the firewall is beyond me. It's car number 1254 for the people wandering and has the twin choke and throtle setup. I do have space to store the car but not as along term thing more 4-5 years.
  9. Also the fire wall is rusty along with both floors and parts around the door frame.
  10. After four years I finally managed to convince the owner to sell. she is complete and is all original and matching numbers including original Datsun keys and owners manual which matches the car. The car is rusty but i'm not sure weather to restore it or use it for parts for my other 240z. I would like to get your opinions on this? The first photos are before I picked it up.
  11. Well all I finally bought this car of the second owner since 76. it has all the original parts including the books tyre kit and even the 2 original keys and all numbers match up! unfortunately it has major rust damage. not sure if it's worth restoring so i need your opinions.
  12. Thanks for your imput. I thought the car would be worth around $500 but wasnt sure. I know it is an original matching cars and even has all the original books
  13. Bringing up the past. I have convinced the owner to sell after 4yrs and i'm wandering how much its worth?
  14. The car is in need of a full restoration. it runs and is mechanically perfect. I'llget some pics up as soon as i can.
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