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  2. Yeah, I mean the flaring on the end. I'm glad there's a name for them. I was surfing forever looking for a good example of what I was talking about, but it seems Megaphone Exhaust Tips will lead you strait to them. I'm not too worried about the noise thing. My car was WAY louder before I put the new muffler on it. In car vibration was getting to be too much to tolerate. Now I just want to update the tip with something that has a little more attitude. HOPEFULLY no cops will get smart about it.
  3. Has anyone seen exhaust tips that look like air horns? I've seen a few "TUNER" mufflers aka fart cans with a little bit of the same flare on the end, but I like the sound of my turbo muffler quite fine. I do however like the look and I'm thinking it might add a little attitude to my newly MUFFLED system. Any thoughts?
  4. I'd say just ditch the friends. >=] . My 260Z has flat tops (desmogged, but soon to be replaced), 2.5 in exhaust and a 5spd. It's no race car, but if you put her up to around 5k through a few gears, you'll give the average joe a run for his money. I'd love a quicker car, and used to drive a moderately powered accord, but my 260Z is way more fun, turns more heads, and gets me less tickets. I'm hoping a pair of SUs will close the gap between the accord and my Z though. =D
  5. I bought it like that. The wiring had been clipped just behind the clock and new wiring was added to the clock. The original wire was still LIVE, so I was just gonna run my Constant power off of it. There may be some kind of problem in that particular circuit. My cigarette lighter doesn't work either, but my hazards work fine. I don't need the lighter, and the clock works fine with a AA battery so, I've been just playing it safe. When dealing with a 35 yr old car, I stick closely to the DONT FIX IF NOT BROKEN rule. Even a simple door adjustment turned into a major drill and tap session which left me car-less for about a week. The stereo was just TOO good to turn down. Every 18 yr old wants some audio. I'm assuming that the AA battery change over may have been to keep the original wiring from blowing the clock? I know its not the original clock. It was put in shortly before I bought the car. I'll give it another look when i get some more free time on my hands.
  6. Ok, so I went back through all the plugs I disconnected and reconnected. seems a couple of them fit in the wrong places. so, a quick swap, and we are keeping fuses intact. good stereo, good gauges. Thumbs up once again. =D
  7. I will try that. The only thing throwing me off is the fact that right now, the stereo is sitting in the back hatch, unplugged. It blew the fuse anyway. I just have the plug itself wired to the car. I'm actually in school right now so, in a half an hour or so I'll be trying to find the problem. Just wanted to get a better idea of what I'm dealing with. she's my daily driver, and she still has to get me to work later tonight.
  8. Ok, so last night I connected my new kenwood stereo to my 1974 260z. I clipped the connector from the back of the radio. wired the black wire to the ground, blue wire to the on/off power, and the light switch to the red/blue wire. Then, for my constant power, I ran a wire up to the clock which had been clipped from the car power and ran to a AA battery. I didn't think much of it considering there was still power coming from the wire. so, I just hooked it up there, and finished by wiring up my speakers. cranked it up last night, car ran fine, stereo sounded good, everthing thumbs up. Well, this morning, leaving for school, I noticed that I had NO guages. only speedo works. so, first, I checked fuses. yep, a few blown, so, I grabbed a fuse, cut off the car, slipped it in, and started her up. as soon as it fired up, the fuse was blown. So, then I unplugged the stereo, put in a new fuse, and tried it again. Once again, it blew immediately. So, at this point, I have a working stereo, and no guages. I kinda need the guages more than the stereo, but even with it out, the problem persists. Anybody out there have any idea what this 18 yr old did to his 35 yr old car? all connections are sound by the way. Crimps on all connections except speaker wires, which got wire nuts. Any help would be great.
  9. would it hurt to just drive it with a somewhat faulty booster until I have the money to replace it? It will probably be my daily driver if all goes as planned. By the way, I'm 17, so, that's why I can't just spend the big penny. I know I'm going to have to buy a radiator, probably the aluminum one from Arizona Z. My car will need some plugs, shift boot, brake pads and maybe even calipers. I only have about $600 to stretch. Suggestions...PLEASE.
  10. Hi, I've got a 1974 260z that may be getting some much needed TLC in the near future. It runs and drives, but needs some stuff done. I'm pretty sure one of the important things is the Brake Booster. I don't drive it much (not registered or insured), but I'm pretty sure the booster is bad. My problem is, I have a pretty tight budget for doing this work, and the only booster I've found is the MSA which is a nice price of 420.34. yeah, I really need to go a less expensive route if possible. I would love to have a great new booster, but at this price, I won't have much for a the other necessary items for getting this thing street worthy. So, does anyone know where I can get one for less than that? I've tried finding one through Orielly's, Advance, and Autozone. Their websites showed none available. Any other suggestions?
  11. Hey guys and gals, sorry for the inappropriate language. I was pretty steamed about the whole false advertising thing. I myself am not convinced of the "global-warming" issue, but also agree that a new fuel source is needed. I just don't think enough people realize the consequences of these prices. If you make a moderate amount of money (60k-beyond) you probably aren't hurting that bad, depending on you're expenses. others, however, are not so fortunate. I personally know people who will have to consider welfare if prices keep going up. That sounds nice doesn't it. then everybody on welfare can get free medicare and drive nice little hybrids payed for they the US of A. Hm...sounds like debt to me. Depending on the side of the fence you eventually end up on. right back to the world of the rich and poor, only this time we can call it "civilized". once again, sorry about the cursing.
  12. Ok, this is the general discussion forum so, here it goes. how many people actually thing using Ethanol is helping? from what I can gather, ethanol reduces mileage, is highly corrosive, and costs more than gasoline. so, why are we being forced to use it? I live in the Huntsville Alabama area and have yet to find a gas station not using Ethanol. I thought that I had found one, and then realized that the A$$ HOLES had covered up the stickers with a piece of cardboard. But back to the subject, why are we putting up with this. I'm guessing that my old z won't run on ethanol gas, but I haven't tried it. I drive a 2001 honda accord and I can tell a difference in mileage. My dad on the other hand drives a 2003 chevy impala, he sees a HUGE difference in a mileage. so, if ethanol costs more, reduces mileage, and wears on cars, what's the deal? how can we get rid of this dumbass idea. If this is a precursor of what could happen if Washington starts controlling gas further, we're screwed.
  13. These are the Swastika wheels. Yeah, I've heard of guys putting spacers on to get clearance for after market wheels, but I just want a wider profile. I might just have to bite the bullet and buy some nice watanabes when I have money to spend.
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