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  1. my 78 280z has been acting up. the car randemly shuts off, it wont missfire or stall it just dies with no warning. i recently change the coil twice and it works for a while, but then it will super heat up and stop working. i could maintain the car on by holding the gas but the RPM will stay at 0. i dont know much about the electrical parts so can anyone help me.
  2. its finally fixed, i was checking all the hoses and found a whole in the rebber hose after the intake. i coverd it with tape and as soon as i turn it on the car was perfectly running. i know if the engine receives to much air it makes it pump more fuel, since it couldnt burn it all it made the engine missfire. the funny thing is that i found that hole by luck, and it was small but i guess big enough to cause problems. thanks for your opinions
  3. hey guys i need help badly. at parking if i hit the gas the car starts to shake at about 2500 rpm and if i let go and tap it again it raises to 3000 rpm and starts again. when it shakes the exhaust throws out smoke in puffs. this never happend before, i resently change the ingnition control after that its when it started. could it be the timing, if so how can i check it. because when i put the new magnetic pickup i thought i mark it and put back correct. any thoughts
  4. my 78 280z idles good when i turn it on, but once i tap the gas it shoots up and stays there.it never had this problem, it all started when i had it still for about two weeks. and know it smokes a little too, and that also started happening. I NEED HELP FAST.
  5. has anyone used the K&N COLD oil filter and would you recomend it.
  6. what oil is best for 78 280z. it has over 100,000 miles. what oil do you guys use.
  7. were can i find the turbo system.
  8. no, it kind of locks and makes a weird stall.
  9. how can i make my 78 280z auto, run a little quicker with out engine swap or turbo, turbo will come but not right know. everything is pretty much except for a little intake and a DYNOMAX exhaust system. they came with the car. it run real great and has less 100,000 miles on it, all for 500$. I have money save for performance parts but i dont know were to start. need help !
  10. my 78 280z auto, has a pull when you hit the gas during reverse. if you give too much gas it seems to lock.could it be the tranny. since i got it i cant seem to figuere out whats is it. by the way in drive it has no problems at all.
  11. I would never put my car in danger or myself. i was just looking for a way to have a little more fun with it. your right dough TomoHawk street racers always try to race once they see my car.
  12. you guys just saved me some money, i dont whant to distroy my tranny. your right this feels better whiles turning with power to the wheels.
  13. Does Anyone Know How Can I Make My Automatic 280z Peel Out. I Tried Red Lining At Nutral Then Switching To Drive, But It Seems To Lock. I Also Tried Brake Gas But Nothing Happends. By The Way I Have Stock Rims Witch Are Too Heavy May That Be It.
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