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  1. I'm not sure what tire size I need, but we would like pretty wide wheels (10") Right now, without the turbo on the car, it peels out in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. So I'd like something that is wider and stickier.
  2. I amazed at the wealth of information that you guys are! Thanks for all the responses. My son and I are excited about getting going on the body. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the information. I'm curious how you generated that list. It looks like a cool tool. Once I have my car together, I should be producing between 325 to 375 rwHP (based on similar setups) and I've been told that I can put a different shifter on the transmission to make it smooth (Datsun Garage). Besides, the ratios seem more appropriate for a turbo. I'm not missing something in this rational am I?
  4. Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Tail lights would be great, but cost would be the major driver.
  5. The car looks awesome! The shape and size of the ZG flares are perfect. I'd just like to achieve a uni-tone look. Maybe fiberglass is the only way to get that. So the question comes down to function vs. aesthetics.
  6. My son and I are trying to find fender flares for our 240z. We found the following: 1. Metal ones at Black Dragon 2. Fiberglass at Motosport Autos 3. Carbon Fiber (ZG) Don't really like the look of the screws on the ZG. We want to be able to put wider tires on it to run it on the local tracks. Do the MSA flares last? Do they crack over time? Is it common for them to plain break? We would like to do this once. Hopefully this isn't a duplicate thread. We searched for hours. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi Ian. I've run into problems before on eBay and have become relatively experienced at getting the money back. Don't feel bad, I bought an entire car and it turned out that the seller was mad at his ex-girlfriend and was selling her car. Anyway, take pictures of the damage and immediately contact the seller. Don't worry if he / she gets nasty, just maintain an even, reasonable tone. Don't wait to long to open a case with eBay. If you paid with PayPal, open a case with them on their system as well. Contact me if you need help. Whoever sold you those needs to have the opportunity to make things right, but if they don't, you shouldn't have to be stuck with the bill. Let me know if I can help. By the way, thanks for encouraging me to buy the car for my son (12) and I. We are picking it up on Saturday and I'll post some pictures. Good luck.
  8. Try this link. It is a suction mount device with 400# rating so you would only want to use it on glass. Front or rear. http://www.megaz.net/MegaMount.html Good Luck
  9. One of my contacts has a couple of 260z hoods if you are interested. I can connect you if you are interested in paying shipping from Colorado.
  10. Hey Arne, Thanks for the encouragement on the other thread. I decided to buy two Zcars for my son and I! Now I have to come up with money to fix stuff. Thus this post: One of the cars is a 73 with the original L24, but I won't be using that engine. Should I pull the connecting rods and sell them? If so, is ebay the spot? Any idea on price?
  11. I'm purchasing a Z on Monday, but it has a very sloppy transmission. Does anyone know where I can get a T5?
  12. Question: How do you maximize rwHP with an L28ET? Current Setup: 72 240z with a 77 L28 with 240 carbs, header and HEI ingnition mod. It runs through standard clutch to a 5 speed tranny and into and a 4.11 diff (3.32, 3.54, 3.9 and 4.11 also available). Also Owned: '83 L28ET (complete) with 68k miles that ran smooth when removed. A 10 lb. Fidanza flywheel and A.C.T.performance clutch is already installed on the engine. A Garret T3/04E with 60 trim and .63 a/r with the HPC coated turbine housing is still in the box. So is the S.D.S EM4. To make this setup work, an old post says that I need the following: - Intercooler - Boost controller - 3" exhuast (Can I use dual exhaust?) - Bigger injectors - 60mm throttle body - Powerful fuel pump from Walbro Is this true? Can anyone think of anything else we need to make this pump more HP? What is the weak-link? Can the 77 5 speed tranny handle it? Which diff should I use for improved 0-60 time? Any guesses what the 1/4 mile time might be with this setup (assuming it works?) thanks for the help!
  13. The car was essentially a completely stripped body on a rotisserie. There doesn't appear to be any rust on the shell at all. A piece of patch metal was put on the passenger rear quarter and it has only been welded in place. No sanding yet. The front fenders are shot, the hood, rear hatch and doors all need work and seem to come from various cars. All the other mechanical parts are sitting in his yard. The interior is gone except the dash, which is in bad shape. I decided to look at the 2k-3k cars to see what they look like, but I haven't ruled out picking up the shell and another car... Don't think this is something to rush though. Like all people at the start of a project, I have big ideas and having a good solid shell seem vital.