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How do you max HP with an L28ET and Garret T3/04E?

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    Question: How do you maximize rwHP with an L28ET?

    Current Setup:

    72 240z with a 77 L28 with 240 carbs, header and HEI ingnition mod. It runs through standard clutch to a 5 speed tranny and into and a 4.11 diff (3.32, 3.54, 3.9 and 4.11 also available).

    Also Owned:

    '83 L28ET (complete) with 68k miles that ran smooth when removed. A 10 lb. Fidanza flywheel and A.C.T.performance clutch is already installed on the engine. A Garret T3/04E with 60 trim and .63 a/r with the HPC coated turbine housing is still in the box. So is the S.D.S EM4.

    To make this setup work, an old post says that I need the following:

    - Intercooler

    - Boost controller

    - 3" exhuast (Can I use dual exhaust?)

    - Bigger injectors

    - 60mm throttle body

    - Powerful fuel pump from Walbro

    Is this true? Can anyone think of anything else we need to make this pump more HP? What is the weak-link? Can the 77 5 speed tranny handle it? Which diff should I use for improved 0-60 time? Any guesses what the 1/4 mile time might be with this setup (assuming it works?)

    thanks for the help!

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    with some 440cc injectors you should be good for around 400rwhp!

    0-60 time no idea

    1/4 mile time.. easily a 12 sec car.. 11's with drags or slicks

    400rwhp at about 19-21psi with ur T3/T04e

    I think you have a buyer as of today at the ZCCC track meet.. some guy was talkn to me about your setup and if it was good

    Austin with SDS and a T3/T04 ran a 12.2 at 125mph at 19psi on street tires.. and Ted ran a 11.4 at 20psi on slicks

    so yes this engine is very quick

    im running the stock fuel pump.. and look at the list of mods i have.. i prob have around 350rwhp .. its fun =)

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