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    Original owner of 73 240Z with 70K miles. Its in pieces, I mean everything has been removed. My Z is at a body shop, were they are cutting out rusted sections and welding in new metal. This is a restoration back to mostly stock condition. The engine was completely stripped down and rebuilt only replacing the rings. The struts have been replaced. All suspension & drive train was media blasted primered & painted. My second Album post shows all the bodywork that has been done. Now my original 113 green paint is now back. Really happy with the quality body & paint work of Chassis Masters. Notice that the fenders & doors are not on the Zcar.

    So the next chapter has begun, putting all the pieces back on. Started with all new brake, gas, & clutch lines. Leaving the fenders, hatch, hood, & doors off till all the re-assembly is done should minimize damaging the paint. Will add to album as things progress.

    We had ignition!!! Yes on June 12 2020 Roger got the engine to fire off. Since the engine was rebuild over 2 years ago we had to work a bit to get oil pressure. Once we had good pressure that engine sure sounds great. Attached video shows Roger adjusting the SU's with a flow meter. Kidos to Roger at RB Import who knows his stuff.

    All assembly completed Oct. 22 2020 & My green Zcar is back on the road again.

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  1. To my fellow Zcar members, 

    It was a long road till I once again got behind the wheel of my Zcar. The crshowers gallery pics show the many hours that were dedicated to doing a complete restoration. It won't be a stretch to say that every bolt on this Zcar was turned at some point, and some more than they should have been. 

    I felt real good taking the first trip around the block hearing the exhaust rumble & hearing all the old familiar sounds and feeling all the bumps I missed for all so many years. Yes my 73 Zcar is restored and its back on the road again!

    My best advice. Take the extra time to do it right. In the end it will be worth it.

    Thank You to all the Zcar members who provided me with their knowledge and assistance in giving me the help I needed. It feels so good to know that when your stuck you have others you can turn to. 

    Special Thank You to :

    Roger at RB Imports who is a master mechanic who knows his stuff. He made this Zcar purr again. 

    All the staff at Chassis Masters who put up with me during all the body, paint, & then final assembly activities. Yes there are alot of pieces & finding all of them can be challenging at times.

    Classic Auto Services - Bob Waller took my bent and pitted bumper parts and made them new again. Its not easy finding someone on the east coast that does re-chrome work.

    Big Wheels.net - Barry is a true Zcar lover and can set you up with the best wheel & tire combinations for your Zcar. 


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