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Back in July 2015 I posted this album:


This album has been updated to show some of the restoration that has taken place.

Now after 5 years of restro work it is a running green Zcar machine.

- Lots & lots of body work, cutting out sections of sheet metal and replacing it.

- Front & rear bumpers completely redone - rubber components refurb'd, bumpers re-chromed. Done by Classic Auto Services 

- A gorgeous green paint job

- New SS brake & gas lines

-New electric fuel pump

- Refurbished booster

- New rear drums

- New front disc brakes & rotors

- Refurbished heater

- Some interior work

- Dash installed

- Engine installed

- Trans and rear installed

- Fuel lines connected and tested electric fuel pump

- New wheels & tires from Bigwheels.net

- Brake fluid added and bleed brakes

- Lots of plumbing work done to eliminate all the pollution controls

- SU's installed & connected

- Roger made custom fittings to simplify and make the lines look great

- Ready to fire the engine. Had to go thru some gyrations to get the oil pump to start pumping oil.

- Fired up & it purrs like a kitten

- UV joints for half shafts installed 

- All systems go, its now a running green machine. 

- Back to the Body shop for the installation of the fenders, doors, windows, bumpers & hatch.

- Took some time to get all the parts back on but on  Oct. 9 I took it out for a spin around the block

- Well the good news its all together, the bad news springs were installed at the wrong locations.

- So back down to RB Import to remove all 4 struct housings and swap the springs. 

- RB welded the tailpipe extender in place looks good

- Well more news the left rear toe is off. Currently working on a solution.

- Sure does look pretty. 

- Its back at its home after all most 4 years of restorations.



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