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  1. Yes, I would like to have an original car. I guess I could always replace the hood with an original. James
  2. This one looks like it may have some promise? I am in GA but would like to have a low VIN '70. Anyone seen this one before and care to comment? http://adcache.collectorcartraderonline.com/10/9/7/83932497.htm Thanks, James
  3. The last one has been sold. I really like that color.
  4. I am in Georgia but have an interest in a car that is all the way in Oregon. I am just wondering if anyone on the list is close to that area nad would be willing to look at the vehicle for me an give me an honest/somewhat expert opinion? I would really appreciate it. Some of you may have already looked at this car. Thanks James
  5. Steve or others, What about the wheels? It looks like this car has a metal trim "stripe" down the side as well. Is this stock?
  6. yeah and there is only 3 of them... Almost a complete set...That is funny.
  7. Another newbie type question. Why does this car have the hood vents? I do not see other '70 Z's with these. Is this a hood from another vehicle of a later year? James
  8. Hello Guys, I am in GA and this latest sub 5000 serial number car is only 1 hour away. I am iterested in getting my first Z and have only been researching for a week or so. My questions are what is this car worth? The seats are torn, I do not know about the dash, the wheels look all wrong, needs paint of course. The good thing about it is that the numbers match. Comes with a '74 "Datsun" of some sort in some condition. Also, they do not know the actual mileage, how can I confirm the real miles of the car? It is being sold by a lady for a friend of hers, whose brother may or may not have
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/DATSUN-240z-STOCK-ALUMINIUM-MAG-WHEELS-3_W0QQitemZ8057045299QQcategoryZ6783QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Only 10 minutes left... gettem while there HOT!
  10. were there two different 918 colors? One that was yellow and one that was orange?
  11. Arne, Thanks, well any guess at all? You guys have been around this and seen a lot of cars. Just curious. I really like the Safari Gold but have only seen a few of these. I wonder if this was the least produced color?
  12. I have seen this information which gives the combos and color numbers: Interior and Exterior Color Combinations: 1970/71 Exterior Color Interior Color: 901 Silver gray (metallic) Black 903 Universal blue Blue or Black 904 Kilimanjaro white Blue or Black 905 Monte Carlo red Black 907 Racing green Brown or black 918 New sight 0range Black 918 Sunshine yellow Black 920 Safari gold Black (#920 aka-Mustard) ...but does anyone know the
  13. It went for $5625. Anyone in GA have a good 70-71 240Z for sale?
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