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Flared Z


Quite the body modification on this baby. Extensive mods throughout.

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I don't believe it, I thought that was a 911 Turbo at first glance. That's fantastic looks better on a Zed. Well Done

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Mike: Regarding this particular Z. I know it very well! At one time it was owned by a man named Carpenter. Pierre Perrot of Pierre Z Car in Hawthorne, CA does the mechanical work on this vehicle. After discussing the flairs with Pierre (he's also a neighbor), I was told that those particular flairs are no longer in production and are unavailable. And he is right! The only alternative is to custom make them. Pierre, graciously shared some PICS which showed every possible angle of the flow and design of them. After 5 long months I have managed to reproduce duplicates for my 240Z. One modification is my rear flairs are slightly wider by about 1.5"-2.0". This was done to accomidate for the 18.5" Mickey T's on the rear.

Another noted difference is the front of the Z. The PIC does not show the "G-Nose" nor the Cowl Induction hood. The front flairs also mold into the air dam.

The rear tail is not a true 911 whale tail. It is a custom item. The engine is a beefy slant 6. Inside is a chrome roll cage, and white face gauges. After studying the PICS, this car definately was done sparing no expense.

Although, my Z looks identical as far as front/rear flairs, that is where the similarity ends. My engine is a 327 Vette Roller, warmed over to kick out approx. 686 HP. Front hood sports a 4" L-88 Cowl induction scoop, and the rear does have a Porsche full whale tail molded into the rear deck lid. The chrome wheelie bar will also gets some looks!

Hopefully later in the year I will have an opportunity to meet the owner of this black Z. When that transpires, I will post the information for all interested.

For those of you wondering about getting copies of the flairs I made...I will make molds and plugs, however, not sure if I want to get into the retail business just yet!

Will keep you posted.

Van aka Two40MuscleZ

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Put me on your mailing list if you do decide to produce these flares and also when you release the other photos. LOL... No seriously though.

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im very interested in purchasing the front and rear fenders can you please email me and let me know where i can pick them up timtwochevy@aol.com


or web site

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Custom Z Car Enthusiasts:

Thank you for your interest in the "Muscle Z" flairs. During the past year, particularly the last several months I have received an increasing amout of inquires regarding the IMSA style flairs pictured on that black Z.

Those particular flairs were produced as a limited edition, hand made out of metal. And as you would expect, unfortunately those have ceased to exhist for some time now.

Up until now I have not considered reproducing similar ones commercially. However, If in the future should I begin to produce and distribute copies, I will post them on the net, with specs and pricing.

Again, thank you for your continued interest.

Comps, Van

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The tire size is not the issue. These flairs will accomidate 10-12" tires with no problem. What causes the problems is the rims that you are going to use. The wider the tire/rim you need to increase the bolt pattern to 5. With that comes a whole slew of changes...

Tubbing and going to a straight rear also allows for increased tire/rim width. However, if you go that route, then you can do what I did and run 15"x15" 5 lug ConvoPro rims, on 31"x18.5"x15" MT tires. Overall width of my rear outside to outside flairs are 76.5"

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I have a car that looks just like this.It is powered by a 500HP Brodix Alum head Small Block Chevy, and a Super T-10. I am thinking of selling it. There's about $50K into it...I'll probably sell it for around $20K. Does anybody know the name of the Body kit?

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I will be posting pics as soon as I install my new 18" rims, install my new trans. I remember seeing this pic andnow I am seriously thinking of painting my car black...it just makes a car look too nasty. I sold my Ruf 930 Turbo basically because I didn't like the color...red...and my 240Z is red...and I have a prostreet '69 Camaro and a 70 RS Z28 in guess what color?...RED!

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I'm making progress!!!...Car is now painted and I'm waiting for tires for the new CCW 18" rims. I will try and load a couple of pics.

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