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Rear Brakes

Rear Brakes


300mm rear disc

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The front Brakes are twin piston ( on the one side) sliding alloy callipers on 296mm vented disc's (Holden GM). The rear are 300mm solid disc's (Ford) with R31 skyline callipers.

I have removed the booster and fitted twin master cylinders of different sizes and a Tilton balance bar. Ive found that with the booster gone that you have very good feel of what the wheels are doing and it stops very hard.


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Nice setup... What work was required to get these disc's in?

Same question for the front commodore brakes??


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New holes need to be drilled inboard of the original ones in the strut. The hub needs a touch machined off the outer edge to fit the disc over the hub and a spigot ring needs to be machined to centralize the disc.

That's about it.


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