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    Building up a Wangan Midnight replica.... I've got the flares, the air dam, and the spoiler. I just need a twin turbo 3.0 litre L motor!

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  1. Hey Guys, I know this thread is waaaay dead, but I thought I jump in and mention a new forum at www.bellett.net that would answer any Isuzu Bellett related questions The guys on there are quite knowledgeable about all things Bellett although the site is very new at the moment. Cheers, DOHC.
  2. Holey Cow! Those brakes look awesome!
  3. Hi all! Just checking back in after a bit of an absence... I used to be a regular poster on this site about 5 years ago when I worked a lot of night shift but as my jobs changed I wasn't able to post nearly as much! I've noticed a few familiar people still around the traps while I've been reading the site over the years and now finally I'm in a position to no only post again but start my Zed project! I'm building up a 1973 240Z that has been sitting in my shed for the full 5 years, and I'm now thinking that a Wangan Midnight replica would be good fun I've seen a few in the gallery and I'm getting keen to get started. Someone is going to have to tell me how the 'Devil Zed' holds together with a twin turbo 3 litre stroker in it! Crazy. At the same time as building up my Wangan replica I've started co authoring a car enthusiast site for another classic Japanese car that most people haven't heard of. The Isuzu Bellett, predecessor to the Isuzu/GM Impulse/Gemini/Chevette. Can anyone comment if these cars made it to the States at all? Most of the literature and build numbers are in Japanese and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the build spec, dates, import numbers, anything! And what we can find is in Japanese! I think 17,000 sedans were brought to Australia, about 1000 coupes, and 120 utes. South America got some, and possibly Mexico... Anyway, if you want more info on the humble Bellett swing past our site at www.bellett.net which will be coming soon, or www.bellett.net/forums. We are updating it daily with brochures and other info so check back and you might learn some useless facts to dazzle at dinner parties :ogre: It would be great if our little site gained the popularity of this one (great work Mike and other moderators!) but I don't think the humble Bellett has quite the following or pedigree that the Zed has. Happy motoring all and I look forward to posting again and remaking old acquaintances Cheers, DOHC
  4. Hi guys, I haven't posted on the Zed forums for a while as I've been working on another project, a 1968 Isuzu Bellett Deluxe sedan. On this note a new website (www.bellett.net) is opening soon and a forum has opened, based in Australia at www.bellett.net/forums and caters for all the Bellett needs of the country... Funnily enough the need is not great but as this is another Japanese classic and a contemporary to the Datsun Fairlady I thought I would post here for interest sake. Anyway, drop through and have a look. We are adding brochures, history and technical info everyday as the site grows. We are also keen on other Japanese cars of the day and under the 'Events' section car shows all over Australia will be listed, and possibly the world as we grow. Come along say hi and if your in Oz we might catch up on the roads somewhere Cheers, Ross
  5. Yep AutoCAD does .dwg files but that PDF looks very cool. Keep up the good work Thanks!
  6. Thanks texasz, I was able to get to it from your link although V8-240z's still won't work for me? I'm using Firefox so that may be messing it up? Cheers, Ross.
  7. Just thought I'd add the fuel prices for country Australia into the mix.... At the moment for the 'high' octane stuff I'm paying up to $1.30 per litre... not gallon, litre... I've got an RX7 as well as the Zed and man is it a killer! Regular is around the $1.20 or so.... DOHC.
  8. Maybe, Maybe..... Do you have any pics of it? I'm down in Adelaide so it's a bit difficult to swing past for a quick look... R.:classic:
  9. dohc

    5-Speed Problem

    Well I've adjusted the clutch, first too high (almost off the top) then back to perfectly halfway and..... it still won't down change to second. It is heaps better to get into first, but still crunches on an up change to second and won't go back into second unless the rev's are up pretty hight to match..... Damn, are we all out of adjustment idea's now, because I know I am? Ta. R.
  10. It's amazing how long those old oil filled shock's are lasting isn't it? My 2 + 2 still had the original's in her and now has good gas ones at the back. I've just refilled the oil (20w motorbike for oil) for the front and it's as firm as I need it! Cheap replacement for the front: $20 for the back: $250..... Has anyone else tried refilling the oil shock cartridges?? Ross.
  11. dohc

    5-Speed Problem

    Thanks again 2many, something else to keep me busy and swearing tomorrow morning :stupid: Lets see if this will save me spending big bucks getting the trans rebuilt...... Can only hope so :tapemouth R.
  12. dohc

    5-Speed Problem

    Hey All, That's a good point 2Many, I haven't checked the clutch adjustment itself... It never occured to me as one day it was fine then after a hard drive though the hills it crunched and died. Hmmmmm, I'll have to give that a shot though, is the adjustment under the dash somewhere? I know it's not at the slave as I've looked at that a few times now. Also, where is everyone's actual clutch point? (ie the point at which the clutch engages the flywheel.) Mines about a centimetre (1/4") of the floor... Does this sound too low? R.
  13. dohc

    5-Speed Problem

    Well, bled the clutch today and didn't get a single bubble of air out of it! Looks like I'll need to brush up on my double de clutching to get me by :stupid:
  14. dohc

    5-Speed Problem

    I'm getting quite good now too, although it is a hell of a pain in the butt.... I might try bleeding the clutch tomorrow, see if it makes a difference.... Could make all the difference :classic: or none at all:tapemouth I'll keep you posted Ross.
  15. dohc

    5-Speed Problem

    Damn. Thought so, but hoped not :stupid: After the Tuner I'm off to the Trans people.... Anyone have any idea on price for a full trans recon? Ta.
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