SUBTLE RS Start Skyline 2

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More madness...

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Has the firewall been moved back to allow the L-series to sit closer to the centre of the car? It appears it has been perhaps because the L-series is heavy?? but then again the S20 with all the extra cam gear would weigh close wouldn't it???

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From the description they used an R200 LSD, so maybe the sequential box is smaller and they didn't want to lengthen the driveshaft AND they wanted to re-position the CG of the car by pushing the engine back?? Don't know. But next time I go there (Spring 05) I'll bring pics and ask about this car... Crazy.

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    • Is it significant that this looks to be the the 218th 280z 2+2
    • I also have the original rims and hub caps that I think might look better on the car. Not a huge fan of the spoke rims. I do love the Wannabe style though. They always look great on Z cars. 
    • I am a fan of all the Z cars. I bought mine this past fall and have not had a lot of time to enjoy it on the road. Was delivered to me in October and it is now parked for the winter in Edmonton. 
      My 260 has the original engine and has had a bit of work done by the past owner. Cam, ignition work and triple Weber carburetors. The only issue I have is that the choke for the SU's does not work with the Weber's so I am needing to come up with a solution for cable system to these new ones. Any ideas? 
      This winter I am planing and have begun an interior refresh with sound dampening material and a new carpet kit that arrived this past week. 
      Looking forward to getting it our again next spring.
    • Thanks @Lorne !  Nice 260z, I'm a big fan..