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Non-modification camber kits (MSA)


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I got the new Motorsport Auto Auto News the other day. On page 18 they list a new "Performance Camber kit" for the front and rear. They are listed at $99.95 for a pair.

"...our camber kit is a direct bolt-in allowing simple camber changes while requiring no sheet metal modification. Allows for 1.5 degrees of camber change. Maintains original ride height in Z's built up to 8/74...."

At some later point down the road, I'd like to lower my Z a little, no more than an inch. I've heard/been told that lowering affects your camber, hence the need for adjustment. If this little gadget works, then it would make things a lot easier.

Question: Has anybody heard/seen/used or otherwise have any additional info on this type of product? Is 1.5 degrees of change enough for a Z that has been lowered 1"?

I know I could adjust my camber just by slotting the strut mounting holes, but I'd hate to do that sort of thing and then later want to go back to stock. Also, I'm looking at using this car for some autocross duty.

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Unless they have come out with something new these are probably the aluminum adjustable camber bushings. Notice I said aluminum, the ones I have in my 280 have no urethane or rubber, they are solid aluminum. Yes, they will work, and they should give you plenty of camber adjustment to compensate for a 1 inch drop, but they will wear out quite quickly, unless you want to keep pulling them out and lubing them.

Maybe they have a different style out now that I'm not aware of.

You might be better off to go ahead and drop your car, and then see what the camber change is. You might be able to get away with not having them depending on your tire and wheel combination, and of course every set of springs is not exactly equal either. So depending on the brand of spring you may only get 1 inch or you may end up with more.

I don't know if any one still makes them but there used to be camber plates that went on the top of the strut in place of the stock insulator that required no cutting. But that was many years ago, a friend of mine has a set on his IT car, but he built that back in the early 80's.

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