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The new Z in person - Chicago Auto Show


Changed your mind about the 350z yet?  

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  1. 1. Changed your mind about the 350z yet?

    • Yes, it looks better
    • No, still hate it
    • Not sure, have to see it
    • Bill would make a lousy SpokesModel

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I have seen the Z......and it is good.

Not great, but looks much better in person than in pictures. The biggest surprise is that it looks NOTHING like an Audi TT, I was really amazed. Kept looking at all angles trying to see what we've all seen in the pix.

Still don't like the front end, and the door height is too high. I talked the spokesmodel into letting me stand by the car when the show was closing (see pic below- sorry it's not sharp, my buddy was standing too close to the model I think). I'm 5'10" and the door is higher than my belt-line.

Couldn't get in the car but the interior looked very nice.

The spokesmodel said this was very close to the production Z but not optioned out like any of the new packages.

All-in-all, it's a pretty cool car, easily the best in its price range. But hey, this is a forum, have at it:

Check out the pix below;


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Great pictures. I kinda like it. I llike the front better than the back. I dont like the tall big rounded rear ends... on cars. But they seem to be in vogue. As for the doors being too high, that would be, in my opinion, classic zcar design. They are too high for my liking in the 240. I thought about putting a few spacers under my seats to raise them up so I can see out. Cant wait to see it in person.


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