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Throttle Rod Firewall Boot/Seal


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This isn't a very big emergency but a litlle help can go a long way. I am trying to replace the Throttle Rod Firewall Boot/Seal and I have a pretty small window of time to try and get it done.

Anyone know the quickest way to go about this without having to remove the entire acellerator assembly?

I see the little nut inside but everything is so delicate I didn't want to overcrank it and damage it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :classic:

Thanks, Darren

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The boot can be replaced from the engine bay. You carefully disassemble the linkage nearest the boot to do it. Should take about 30 minutes the first time you do it. Think first, then disassemble, one step at a time. It isnot difficult, but I cannot describe the step by step process for you.

The nylon caps that fit over the steel balls of the linkage can be removed by CAREFULLY prying with flat screwdriver. BE SLOW and CAREFUL and you'll be OK.


After disconnection the cap from the ball, you unscrew the cap to get rid of the old boot and put the new one on. Then you put it back on the the rod, and snap it back onto the ball.

Looks like you'll need to push the old part of the boot out into the engine bay from under the dash to get rid of it.

And NOW, LIVE from Kuwait...........Here's Russell! ROFL

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The accell rod should come directly off the pedal assy thru the firewall and hook to the funny accell cam thingy. The are attached with plasic socket assy that snap over metal balls. You should be able to just un-snap them then go from there.

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To replace mine I needed only to pry the nylon ball off of the linkage...... 'greased' the new rubber with a finger full of grease & pulled the new one on over the nylon part.... It was quite a strech, but worked for me.

- Jeff

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Honestly, I was just worried about breaking the white plastic sockets. Once these guys told me that they could be gently pryed off, I ran with it.

I popped the one off on the engine side of the boot, and the one off from the floor board side. Unscrewed the stopper, popped the boot on, and reassembled.

Whole job took less than 15 minutes.

I took so much stuff a part as a kid and broke it, or lost springs or whatever, and couldn't get it back right.

Sometimes I get scared I'm gonne do something like that to my Z.

And some of these parts can be a real bear to find.

Anyway, thanks everyone.


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