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Early Sundown

Victor Laury

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When they were interviewing people on the news tonight who had lost their homes, I was thinking when they catch the morons who supposedly started a couple of the fires they should let the homeowners have a crack at them. With a golf club.....better than putting them in jail...

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The combined insurance costs are likely to be in the $4billion area apparently, so no doubt insurance companies are going to try weasle their way out of every possible case.

It really is a horrible way to lose your home, and the way the reporters hound the victims of the fire is disgusting as well.

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Victor, that must be a helluva view when there are no fires that you have there.....

Victoria (Oz) has it's fair share of bushfires. The really scary part is that the majority of our firefighters are volunteers, who dedicate their spare time to fight these fires. The really scary part is that a few (might I add the majority of volunteers do a fantastic job) have been caught lighting fires.

The only reason for this is obviously some bizzare sexual urge that defies explanation. My opinion is that anybody caught lighting bush (or forest as you guys call them) fires should be hung by their testicles until they die.

P.S. A close friend of mine once caught a volunteer fire fighter lighting a bush fire. He is still in prison. Who said the law don't work.....

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They would have had a hard time doing the testicle thing with the woman in Colorado that started Colorado's largest forest fire ever last year. Amazingly, she was a US Forest Service employee. My sister had to evacuate for a short time for this southern Cal fire but winds blew the right way for her. Arnold is really stepping into the doo doo with the Calif. deficit and now this calamity. Good luck to Cal and hopefully the weather will soon squash this thing. Victor.

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