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Help!!! I think I killed it!


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Have a 1975 280Z. Decided to take it for a spin this afternoon. For starters it doesn't run that well but well enough for a low mileage spin. I have been trying to decipher problems and fix them as I go.

Today I got about 2 miles from the house, got a bad feeling, turned the car around and headed home. Got to a red traffic light put the car in neutral and stopped. When the light turned green I went to put the car back in first and the shifter won't move. Had it towed home. With the engine off the car will go into all four gears and reverse but strated it won't go into any.

Did I kill something??????????????

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Sounds like either the clutch itself died, or either the clutch master cylinder, or slave cylinder might have given up.....

Double check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder, and if that is OK, check that the slave cylinder has travel when someone else depresses the clutch. If that has a good bit of travel and looks to be working OK, sounds like the pressure plate may have given up.

You didn't do it... old age did.....

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Shannon, A lot of us have done it. It's not a walk in the park, But it's good goal. It is a "merit badge" of Z ownership job. Own a Z? Drive it like a sports car? You will need a new clutch sooner or later. Have a shop do it? you'll miss out. If you decide to do it, You'll get lots of help here.

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Originally posted by gealicpride

Thanks Victor. I am trying to find my repair book for the Z...it's in this house somewhere ROFL . Any special equipment needed to remove the tranny and replace the presure plate if not the all of the clutch components??

Shannon -

A good set of metric wrenches.... For the trans job, 10mm thru 17mm in both box end/open end & 3/8 drive sockets with 3" & 6" extentions will remove & replace parts.

****** Amen Victor ****

- Jeff

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I don't know if they'd have the right alignment tool, but they could probably get it. MSA has them for sure.

As far as the clutch itself or slave or master cylinder, they should be able to get them as well. Since it's a street car, there's no reason to spend extra money on a clutch when a stock replacement will work as well.

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