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I left my key in the on position too long....


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(This is about a 78 280z.)

My fuel pump went. I tested it to see if i could hear it run in the on position. I couldn't hear it run so i went to buy another one

at a store 25miles away, I left the ignition on and now the car gets no spark. Has anyone had this prob before?

Now my car won't start. I thought it was the ignition module,

i found one swaped it and it still won't start.

I think it is the pickup coil but i am not sure.

i have spark from the coil but not the plugs

I am stumped but out of time today and tommorrow i will try to

replace the pickup coil.:cross-eye :

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I just checked them and the links have continuity(spelling) car cranks

but won't turn over. Hmm....I don't think i have the correct fusible links they look rigged and they are pretty thick I hope these links are not jumper wires(gulp) left over from another owner.

the car was running fine before the fuel pump incident.

do these look right?


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I am a 240 guy but from what my frends 280s look like , your links look the same at least from the pictures. I dident think that leaving the ignition on with a electronic ignition would hurt it . I know that if there were points and they were in contact that they would burn or weld them selves together. What type of dist are you running ?

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Hmm, it could be the coil that overheated and the spark you are getting just isn't hot enough to travel to the plugs. Or, one of the wires between the coil and dizzy got hot and is the problem.

Before you pull the dizzy apart, I'd try another coil, if you have an extra one handy, even and old used one, and then double check all the wiring. Or, perhaps a new rotor and cap. Go with the simple,cheap things first.:ermm:

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I just finished doing what z many has said.

I now have spark!!

Still won't start:disappoin

What i have done took off the capacitor,

replaced the ECU,

Replaced the fuel pump & filter,

cap & rotor, coil, trans ign. module.

checked firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4

Things done at a shop include:

had the valves adj., adjusted and cleaned throttle body.

cleaned air mass meter, flush injection system,reset timing and

fuel mixture. I know they adjusted th AFM.

Now i am off to attempt testing or replaceing sensors.

Or maybe there is a kill switch i don't know about

at this point i would belive it.

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Are you sure the injectors are working? Pull a plug and see if it's loaded up with gas, if not, you may have something wrong that is causing no current to the injectors. Or, use the screwdriver on the metal injector retaining ring while some else turns the car over method, if no noises, that's your problem.

Bad part, is figuring out where the problem is that might be causing a no current to the injectors.

Do you have a Factory Service manual? Hope so....

There's all sort of tests for the lugs on the ECU to check for current and tells which lugs are which to test.

I'm lost trying to help diagnose problems with FI without mine, so you'll have to ask someone else who may have one if you don't.:ermm:

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