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Plug wires?


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Has anyone used the Nascar (borg warner) plug wires from Checker for their Z? I can order a better known brand online but it would sure be convenient if I could just grab a set up the street when I am picking up spark plugs. Any thoughts/opinions would be great! They also have an autolite set that will fit.

72 240Z stock with NGK BPR6ES plugs.

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Here is something that most people do not realise. The HT voltage is so high that it does not travel down the plug wire as electricity but rather as a magnetic field, impervious to resistance, Therefore It is sensless to "waste"

money on expensive "low" resistance plug wires. Rather it is more important that the wires have good EMI shielding. The NGK wires are the best OEM wire...other than the magnecor wires that come on ferraris. Check out magnecor.com. Lots of good info there...even a plug from one manufacturer to another...Magnecor stating that NGK wires had good emi properties.

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I was stupid with too much money in my hands at the wrong time

I not only bought the wires but i bought the jethot coated headers and exhaust with MSA.( income tax return was cool.)

Then after hanging out here i learned alot about the Z car. Heck when i first joined i thought if you didn't see any rust on a car that it was rust free. (oh..its just got a little rust under the capets, nothing major. no one will see it)I posted underinformed questions like how do i get 300hp out of my L24 and stuff like that. You guys taught me alot in a short time. The most important things i learned were how to identify rust problems and to

stop looking to the L24 for performance..........(geez i was gonna put triples on that thing without any internal mods).....

Now i am looking to an IC'd L28et. Then when I get a real job give the 280z to my brother and get me a modified & redone 240z.

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Hey, thefastestz, stop belittling my car! When I bought the 240 it came with triple Webers with no engine mods other than a header. A bit of a waste of time, except that I have had to become a semi-expert on DCOE 40 carbs, so my store of useless knowledge has increased. Still don't know how a Z performs with stock carbs. It's all fun. Victor.

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