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hood release cable.....

Uncle Punchy

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my beat up 72 240z has alot of issues....thanks to all for the help with my carbs.....i think its the manual choke as well as using the wrong oil in them.....

on with question 2....my hood release latch is stuck open...and ive tried to contact nissan auto parts..(nissanautoparts.com) to get another one but have got no response the few times ive requested a quote....an i gave up....

is there any way to free it up by drowning it in oil?......

or does anyone know where to get one....?

i guess this question should be directed to another forum.....sorry



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You could try taking it out and soaking it in WD-40, or try it on the car.

Are you sure it isn't the hood release cable not letting it close? You might want to check that also to see if it is working OK.

It could also be the striker on the hood is out of adjustment or the hood bumpers are set too high. They are the little round pads at each corner of the hood on the firewall. The hood striker has a nut on the end(through the spring) and a slot on the end so you can adjust it up and down.

If all this fails, try Motorsport Auto, they may have new ones,(I know they sell hood cables) or try to find one in a junkyard.

It could also be that your hood is not aligned just right so there are a lot of things you can check before you spend any money.

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All that 2many says is good info(as usual).My suggestion is make sure the return spring IS THERE. The cables wear at the latch.They fray.If the cable looks good.Get your straw and do just as you did your carbs.Be glad yours won't close.When they won't open thats really a pain!The latch fills up with gunk over the years.Take it off and clean it .Look for bends in it.Its easy ,just remember to mark your spot so you can replace it there.Have Fun! Daniel

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