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Air filter box replacement?


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I'd like to know if it is possible to remove the big retangular box for the air filter and put instead rounded air filters like K'N ??

Any other brands and things that will need to be made on tne carbs settings??

Is it hard to do?


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ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Talk about one inefficient way to get air into your carbs. I removed mine and installed ITG filters and air horns. It was pretty simple to do and took about 2 hours or so. Got a little more power out of it too with the additional air intake. The filters and horns are pretty pricy, but they weigh about 25 pounds less than that orange can! There is only one draw back. You can no longer use the air hose to preheat your carbs with your exhaust heat. Oh well... Try here: http://www.zcarparts.com or here http://victoriabritish.com ask for their free catalogs. :D

This is one of my highly recommended "things to do"

One more thing. Victoria British is so far the only supplier of the "european balance tube" the big overhead tube that connects your carbs. This one is smog fitting free baby! for us 73 and older owners. So if you are with me on the smog thing, you are going to need to handle all of your smog issues too! Some of the smog hoses go into that orange can which will no longer be there. I just grabbed some 1/4 NPT's (national pipe thread) fittings and some nylon tape and removed the smog cr@p off the balance tube and used these to plug the holes! Good luck with the mod and have fun driving it afterwards!

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Thankss! Well, from whaht I know from the previous owner, he did remove the smog pump, because it was eating to much power (I've heard 20-25HP???)..

So, for the smog thing, I think I do n't have to worried about it anymore.

The car is fitted with a custom exhaust line 2.5 inches just after the OEM headers.

BTW, the car is still stored, it si winter here in Mtl, and for me, that really sucks big time....can't wait for spring time!!!:mad:

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Yeah, weather really sucks!!

I'm not really in hockey, I'm more hot blooded than cold..

I'll try to post pictures of my car later on.

I was not able to locate the famous smog pump in the Haynes manual...

What does ti look like?:sleep:

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It really looks similar to an alternator. I was able to get a reconditioned one at local parts stores in the late 80's for around $100.00 US. I doubt if any exist in stores anymore? If you really need one, I do not know how you can get one locally. I would use junk yards and foreign parts houses. If you would like some links or phone numbers to a few here in CA, let me know, but you will probably pay through the nose for shipping. Good luck!

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That is all the better. I think they are going to start a revolving / rotating smog year here state side next year. All vehicles newer than 30 years must pass a smog inspection. Again I am not sure if this is true. I am still OK at 1973!

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