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original jute material


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Reacently I got jute pads for my240Z,I think material is same as original but I am not sure for cutting patterns.

If someone know the original patterns and can show the picture

of original here,please let me know.




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that's a great looking interior you have there!!!

I agree with the cut for the section that goes under the seat. Can't comment on the front footwells or the rear deck unfortuately.

You may already know this but there was a jute section behind the rear seat that goes part way up onto the stowage shelf. Mine from my 4/70 are pretty ragged but I might be able to ascertain the original cut if you can't get it from anywhere else.

Is that jack holding clip the original? Mine is different ( made mostly of rubber) whereas yours seems to be all metal.

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Thank you abas and 26th-Z,

I have been thinking about same thing as you abas,

my jack holding clip is different from the one which I saw in the factory service bullutin for the JAPANESE fairlday.In that,clip looks

rubber band.

And 26th-Z showed pictures they are a kind of black,my jute is blown which seems to me not-added anything to the jute.

And the shape is "fat T"is same,but other ones are looks 71later to 73 Z.



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I have no idea what year the eBay jute is from. The jute in my car is missing and I have been looking at older cars to determine the pattern myself!

I think you have the rear floor jute correct, Kats. Your front floor jute looks slightly different from the eBay picture. That jute appears to bend up the sides. ?

I know of several early cars in original condition and I was planning to copy their pattern, but I am not at that point with my restoration and the cars are hours from me involving a full day trip. I will post a pattern drawing in the future.

All the old jute I have seen is dark brown and I do not have a source for the material other than grey at the moment. I think the lighter brown is fine and it will darken with age and heat.

Thanks for the pictures, kats. I copied all of them for my reference. I sent you a PM.

Oh, I have a black rubber strap with metal rings on each end to hold the jack in place. My strap is broken. I would love a new one.

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Kats last picture of the wheel chocks got me thinking of other stamp marks I find on parts. Does anyone know what this means? Has anyone identified all the different stampings? This one comes from a headlight scoop.


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Hello everyone,

I posted these photos already in Alan's thread.

I post these again for this thread.

This photo shows 1969 fairlady Z432's jute pads.Japanese Z does not have a plaque of manufacture date like US & CANADA model.

The Z432 is owned by Mr.WATANABE and he reported this Z has a date stamps DEC 1969 on the back side of the steering wheel,and this Z was registerd in japan very late DEC 1969,there is a document still with this car.



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This photo shows my new jute pads for my 1970 240Z.

I made this by myself after returned home from SAGAMIKO event

very carfully looking at Mr.WATANABE's perfect example.

Actualy I got these from Mr.NISHI(professional restorer) first,but these were not correct shape as you see on this early thread.

I was lucky to have extra jute then I cut and attached and trimed them together.



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And I found early fairlady Z's tool box layout is just opposite from

US & CANADA model.

So I need to be carful to cut my new jute because fairlady Z's jute pads shape are just reversed right and left.

I forgot to see of plastic tool cover's shape,I think they are also


I think the box(plastic cover) for the rench and red rods can be applied right and left,but the box (plastic cover) for the jack and choke plates can not be applied both side due to the shape is made only for a paticular side right or left.



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Did you make tracings of the patterns? I removed the jute padding from my tunnel and traced a pattern. This is very interesting. Does the jute cover the rear bulkhead? Is the jute exposed under the tool lids. or does this have carpet also?

Your car is looking great!

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Hello everyone,

I made a mistake,I was wrong about the tool lid for jack and choke plates.

I checked mine,it seems to me it can be applied both LHD and RHD.

If there is anyone can check and make a comment for this topic here,I will very happy.

26th-Z,I did not trace from Mr.WATANABE's original.

Just I added extra jute while seeing original photo in my computer and using my imagination fully.

Because Mr.NISHI was made nealy perfect jute already

so it is easy work for me.

I post photos of my jute restration from the bigining.It started

from "something short" but finally got perfect shape.

And Mr.NISHI said original jute might get dyed with a kind of anti-rust liquid.

This photo was the first apperance of my new jute.It was not correct for my march 1970 240Z.

This fat "T"shape is started from late 1970.

I also saw Mr.YAMADA's original jute manufactured late 1970 fairlady Z-L at sagamiko event,

This Z is series 1(I know Alan do not say like this)

but there is a very small rib across from the center tunnel to the body side sill behind both seat mounts.The hight of the rib is just

same as the thickness of jute pad.

So jute pad should be this shape,being separated by this rib.

I mean my march 1970 Z do not have the rib,so jute pad needs not to be separated,it is natural to guess the jute pad might look much bigger than this,it might be one piece from the tool lid area to under the seat.

At last,my guessing was veryfied"right" when I saw Mr.WATANABE's truely original jute pads.

26th-Z, you saw Mr.WATANABE's jute pads photo,there are two black carpets they are exactly original.

Also Mr.YAMADA's late 1970 fairlady Z-L have just same shape carpet,sthey are original too.

I orderd Mr.NISHI to make carpets ,he knew original shape about carpets but he used to say did not know the original about jute pads.

Mr.NISHI was also attended sagamiko event with his family to

sell their magnificient products and so many OEM parts.

At the event,Mr.NISHI and I got the answer for the jute pads.

By the way,Mr.WATANABE and Mr.YAMADA both said to me

"I have never think about jute pads,today it is the first time to me to look at them really carfully "

Thank you,



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This was the second step,I asked Mr.NISHI to cut the jute which was the same shpe as carpet.

At this time,I did not attached them(new tool lid area jute and the fat"T"shape jute) togather because I did not have a confidence for originality.



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