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Timing chain interval???


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I'm from Montreal, CND, and on my way to buy a nice 240Z 72.

The car has 93 000 miles and need a valve seal job this spring (car is actually stored).

I'd like to know what is the interval to change or do maintenance on the timing chain since i did not find any info in the Haynes manual...

Thanks for your help!


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I don't know if they ever gave an interval that the timing chain and tensioner should be changed. I always thought about 50,000 miles would be a good time to replace it, not so much for the chain or gears but the tensioner. The wear pad on the tensioner takes quite a lot of wear, but since you will probably have your head off to do your valves if I were you I would replace it now. It may never have been replaced before so at least you know it is done and can go from there.

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Well, thanks for the input.

Any other things I would need to concentrate???

I'm oplanning to have these items check in spring time:

Gas Filters

Spark Plugs

Air Filter


Fna bearing

Trans and diff fluids checked

Brakes and pads Fr and RR

Something else that need to be check??

I'm pretty new to the Z cars....

BTW, fi you want to see the car:

Go to this link:


It's the second topic donw the page, I do not know how to post pictures...:confused:

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If you are buying that good looking red Z I don't think you have to worry about too much except basic maintenance such as you described. The body sure looks good, if the underside of the car is as good as the outside I'd say you have it made.

Hey, that site was in French! Good thing I took French in high school, about 25 years ago!! Of course I never could speak it like what is spoken in Quebec, I learned proper French with no slang. Kinda like learning Latin in school, how many people still speak it eh??

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I have never seen any replacment interval on the timing chain. Unlike plastic (modern cars), the metal one just stretches and Nissan also put adjustments into the timing gear itself to compensate for this type of wear. Yeah, so they will last a long time. Yeah, since you will have your head off, good time to replace it!

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Well thanks guys!!!!

Sure, our NPclub.com is mostly in french, but we started this site me and my friends last september, and, it is growing and growing!!!

Many thanks for your precious input.

I did saw the car, it is coming originally from the Toronto area but was bought by somebody from the ZOOM club of Montreal.

The car is awaesome, lower suspension, Eibac spring, Tokico shocks, larger sway bars, urethane bushing all around, no mods on the engine.

Can't wait to drive the car!!!


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