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In restoring the mustache bar for my 76 I removed the bushings.....however I did not just burn the rubber out and leave the metal insert, I bent the tangs back and punched out the entire bushing, and basically left the metal insert pretty wasted in getting it out.

I purchased the G machine urethane bushing set from VB pn 88-717..THe kit require you to leave the bushin metal insert in the mustache bar and just remove the rubber.

Can I just cut new insertd out of a piece of hollow round stock and insert? I can;t imagine anyone having a good set of the original inserts unless they were pressed out.

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See no reason why you couldn't. The mustache bar is flexible enough on the end that you shouldn't have to worry about the outside diameter of the sleeve, as long as the inside diameter is correct. After you put the insert in, you could always put the end in a vice and tighten the rolled end and spot weld it fast to keep the insert as tight as possible if you don't want to try rolling the ends over like the original insert was. Otherwise, I think you would have to stake the insert in somehow, to keep if from moving in the mustache bar and causing a squeek.:ermm:

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Thanks! You know I never thought to stick the end in a vice to tighen the fit and tack a bead in there to hold it. That is a good Idea and I may just do that also to keep things tight and movement free. I;d rather let the bushing do it's job than have the bushing and the metal moving around making a nice mushy feel.

I'm almost all done suspension wise. Just about everything is sandblasted and POR'd up.

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