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Looking for the J (apan) county plate


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Hi Guus,

Your best bet is to make a replica yourself.

The originals are VERY rare even in Japan ( not many Japanese-registered cars were fitted with them for 'temporary use' outside Japan, in conjunction with the 'temporary export' translated Japanese registration number plates ) - so I think you will be very lucky to find one.

Making a replica should not be too difficult. The originals were just aluminium plates with a white reflective face ( you know - the type that looks white until you shine a light at it, and then it becomes reflective ). On top of that, they screen-printed the black border and "J" letter. You could do it with computer-cut vinyl lettering.

They just pop-rivetted them to the rear hatch ( using steel pop-rivets, not aluminium! ). Its just a flat piece of metal - no moulding / forming at all.

Here's a pic for better reference:

Alan T.


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This is great Alan! I always though the plates were stamped out but this is easy to replicate.

I had my thoughts about the plate because if you drive on an island (Japan) you do not need one so therefore they must be hard to get.

Some ‘work-san’ got the order “make a country plate for our cars abroad” and so hi did with what was at hand.ROFL

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Go for it Guus,

I'm sure you can make a really accurate replica. You should be able to gauge the size and shape from referencing your pics and mine.

The aluminium plate is quite thick ( maybe 1.5mm? ) and not as thin and easy to bend as you might think. I'm sure you can buy sheets of the silvery-white reflective background to stick on it, and the black border and letter are probably easy to get computer-cut and carefully stuck on.

Bury it at the bottom of your garden for a few months and then dig it up. A quick wipe, and it'll look just like the real thing!:classic:

Alan T.

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Thanks Jon,

If Alan did not send the pictures of the real stuff, I probably bought the J plate. Now I can see the difference and I like to go for almost original.:D ‘Yours’ is missing a small horizontal line on top. It is a little weird how I work because a lot of people certainly do not know how the works car was equipped or looked like.:stupid:

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Guus has it right.

Nissan's Works rally Z cars used some very distinctive mud flaps. On some events, they even had an extra pair of flaps rolled up behind the main pair as finishing the rally without intact flaps would have meant time penalties being added as punishment.

Some reference pics to back Guus up:



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