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At the end of the day were you looking for a S30 Z or a S130?

I wouldn't just settle for a 280zx because you'll always want a S30 I think.

Don't despare on giving up the right car isn't alway easy to find, try joining the car club usually the best cars are sold through a club.

Just a suggestion.

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It's not that simple, the fact is, in NZ there's sweet 'f' all Z cars other than the 280ZX and Z31, Z32.

Most people that do have a 240 or 260 over here are the people that hang on to them and look after them.

For instance the guy who I showed my 240K to down where I am has a 240Z which he has had offers on from the Christchurch Nissan Dealer, he turns them down unless they're willing to pay ludicrous amounts, and I've only seen 2 other earlier Z cars down in the lower South Island and I saw none during the 3-4 years I lived in Auckland. Other than the 1 used in the Dunlop Targa.

It's even relatively hard to find a nice example of a 280ZX, my brother had a ZX but it was riddled with rust, it's now moved onto someone who is willing to do it all up, I'm keeping in contact with him so I can see it when it's finished maybe give it a bit of a run for it's money in my K LOL

CZCar: he's been trying to sell that on trademe for a while, so chances are there's something not quite right;

Firstly in the description, he says it's a 2lt yet claims it's a 280ZX, I'd find what's going on there for starters.

Secondly, NO RUST? I seriously doubt it, there's plenty of places to check for rust I'm sure the people in this forum who have spent more time around Z cars will be able to help you out but the obvious ones I remember are, pillars, the bottom of the rear fenders where the drain hole gets clogged up, the same drain area in the front fenders, around the petrol cap area and the hatch and aerial are easy ones to look out for. There's also the more common in all old vehicles, battery tray, under doors, all hinges etc.

Thirdly, he calls it a Nissan Bat Mobile uhmm, am I missing something? what the hell is he talking about?!

However, some redeeming qualities is that it looks to be a 2seater and not a 2+2, if so, it's well, better. It's white, which is always nice in the 280.

But back to bad things, those mags are disgusting!:sick:

However, that's easily remedied.

I'd be most worried about rust, interior has a few bits like the pillar plastic is proned to cracking and splitting, but that's all I can think of.

If it's as nice as it seems it's probably not too bad a deal, but I doubt it's as nice as it seems.

OOOH! also, what's with that odometer reading? I'd try find out more precisely how many k's it has on it, just so you know how much work the engine has done.

Other than that.. good luck.

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Definately a 2+2. If it's a fairlady Z it could very well be powered by an L20 so indeed be 2.0L.

If your not gonna be in a hurry to get anywhere it won't matter but even with the L28 the S130 is a bit of a Pig when compared with a early S30.

Don't wanna upset the Zx guys just don't want to see anyone unhappy about a purchase because they settled for something instead of got what they wanted I guess.:tapemouth

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Gavin's right, don't settle for second best.

How would it be if a 240/260 turned up AFTER you bought a 280 ?.

Would you EVER be truly satisfied, having settled for second best ?.

Might be a silly question but, have you tried advertising for a Z ?.

You never know what some people have in the shed out back.

I can understand that frustration could set in due to a lack of available 240Z's but they reckon patience is a virtue mate. I looked at a number of Zeds before I decided on my 260Z.

Give it a go mate, try advertising, you never know...................


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I thought I read in a previous one of your posts somewhere you had a 260Z before the 240.

So as it took you 4 years to find your 240, I would think it a viable option especially in NZ where early Z's are rare that the purchase of a 280 would be a good intermittant choice as it'll still keep the Z bug alive and kicking and give you a pretty decent car even if it isn't to 240 or 260 standards aesthetic and performance wise.

I personally would prefer a 240, no doubt, but as they're lacking over here, and the search could take a good few years as it is anyway, a 280 would be perfect. Or a 240K but good luck finding one of those. :classic:

Also Gav, I'm still not able to get your vid and I'm twitching to see it, could you perhaps email it to me?

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Point taken by four years I mean that I had been looking actively at Z's advertised and nothing had come close to my current 240z.

The 260z I was never happy with as it was a 2+2 and had always wanted a 2 seater 240z that's the main reason I don't want him to buy a substitute the good side is he'll get good experience working on it and sorting out common problems.

if you would like to see the video give me your email and I'll send it no problem, I was trying to upload to the member gallery but no luck there. :(

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  • 4 weeks later...

well i went ahead and bought a car, its a 1980 Nissan Fairlady Z, import car of the year, special edition, i have already replaced all rust with new metal, it also came with a Datsun 280zx (the same thing?) but your rite, after buying it...well ill start from the start.

I gave up looking and posted a wanted ad. well i got a call for this one, mint condition mint interior, and i gave in waiting for a S30, but that nite after buying it, i got a call for a 260z body, and just yesterday a guy called me with 2, 240z's and 1000s 0f spare parts for only a couple of $100's and one of the shells is rustless. oh god, so now im gonna get this S130 done, (suprisingly not much work left) and get a S30:love: :love: .

THanks for all the tips tho, sorry i didnt read your replies till after i bought it:mad: .



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Sounds as though the line you have on those 2 HS30's might be the same as I had a nibble at.

Might be wrong but here goes. I placed a wanted ad on T&E website.

The guy said that one is RED. Has number plate of REDZED. It failed a warrant sometime this year due to rust. The engine in it came from the rolling shell he also has for sale. Rolling chassis has all the body parts/nuts/bolts/everything labelled up in bags and also on excel format files. He told me he was offered $10K when the red zed had a warrant. He said to me that he was going to email me some pics (as I am in CHCH), but never did.

Strange that this guy replied to my ad but didn't follow it up...I wonder why.

So.....for a mint "RUSTLESS" shell with full inventory and a rusty parts car with original engine and box from the shell car......he only wants $100's....then jump at it from a 10 story building...that is the bargin of the century.

Me...I wanted a car that I could drive while restoring. I find that I lose the faith if the car is off the road for too long. No I have a running Zed that keeps my fever down.

Go for it, or at least if you don't want it then I'll grab it for parts. Let me know.

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