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I was callin around for shocks and a guy I know at a parts counter gave me a price of right around 50 bucks ( for some reason they usually dont charge me list, maybe its my looks?) per macpherson (cartridge?) How do these compare to tokico?

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Originally posted by mperdue

shocks.com is good a beating prices. get your best quote and send it to them - they'll probably beat it.

I would rather buy from people I know locally, Im sure you understand.

My question wasnt how much tokicos are, my question was how do macpherson compare to tokico please?

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Macpherson is the type of suspension - i.e., our cars have "Macpherson strut suspension". (Actually, I think they are somewhat different than a true Macpherson strut, but we call them that). You would have to give the brand of cartridge to allow us to compare anything with the "Tokico" brand cartridges.

Your store is probably quoting you for generic type stuff like "Monroe" or "Gabriel" or something. Not performance cartridges.

My 2cents.

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why you would want to buy locally, and from someone you know.

honestly though, if you wan the best suspension parts for your Z then i would have to say that you need to bite the bullet and go for the tokico blue set up.

its the best all around and theres been nothing but good said about it. not to mention nissan uses them straight from the factory.

www.shox.com is the BEST place to buy these, cheapes as well and service is excellent.

just a heads up

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just got off the phone, they were kyb

called another friend and he can get the kyb for 48

As for shoppin locally, I wrench a LOT. I work on most of my friends cars and the only time in my whole life I sent a car to a shop was when I had surgery on my wrist.

I have a repoir here, quite often I get quoted a price on the phone and then when I go in I get shop prices sometimes even cost. If I pay a few bucks more once in a while , who cares, it always comes back and I like the way I am treated in the stores I frequent.

Unfortunately, if i decide to go tokico Ill prolly have to order. Does shox ship in a timely manner or will I be waiting for a week or 2 to get my stuff?

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they are very customer oriented and customer service is excellent.

also on another note unlike most places that you would call and or deal with on the net or by phone, the people that work there are knowledgable as well.

shipping is done in a very timely matter and like i said before i dont think you could find a much better place to deal with.

i give em the two thumbs up!

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