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2 brackets...what are they for?


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Directly behind both seats in my 71 240Z are two brackets. They have a threaded hole in the centre. They are located half way up on the vertical panel before the top lip of the rear deck.

What are they for???? Got me stumped!


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You have a 71 with a manufacture date prior to ~7/71 or thereabouts. Your car has the brackets to accept the plastic tool cover latches.

From that, you probably do NOT have the toolboxes in the rear deck. (Just slightly aft of the vertical panel that these brackets are on.) Additionally, you may / may not have the vents in the hatch instead of on the C-pillars. You have a "Transition" car.

Welcome to the club.

You'll find that you need to time stamp every feature of your car.

In your console, is the ashtray / lighter combo in FRONT of the Shifter? Yes? Series One. If the ashtray has been moved aft, to behind the shifter, Series II.

Dash have an indent shaped like a sideways Datsun logo? That's a Series II. That indent was for the "On-Off" label that they put on the bayonet switches in case we couldn't figure it out. (And believe me, there were a LOT of people who didn't get it.)

If the dash does NOT have the indent, then, if the cigar lighter hole above the Hazard Switch has NOT been cut-out, then you have an EARLY Series One. The Later Series One has the cutout sometimes installed with a SECOND lighter in that position. Don't ask me why and maybe the 3-4 cars I saw like that were ONE dealer's mis-begotten children, but there were TWO lighters in those cars.

Look at your coat hangers. Round Chrome Knobs? Series One. Plastic Hook thingies? Series Two.

You can still find those plastic tool box covers.



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Thanks Enrique,

Have rear deck tool hatches.

Have rear vents.

Have 240Z emblem instead of Z emblem in rear quarter.

Have lighter/ashtray in front of shifter (under is fuse panel)

Have two indents for switches in dash to left of speedo. Not used.

Have chrome coat hangers.

Have series 1 240Z.

Have rust

Have little money now.

Have fever as bad as ever.

Have hope

Have time...well not really but they wife is understanding.

Have faith

Getting number plate 71 240Z.....I thought it might have gone.

But my tool hatches are had of metal. Should they be plastic???

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This is the best shot I have of my deck. The rear deck wall with the tool lid tabs is just below and out of the picture. But, you can see my rear deck has simple cutouts and no tool doors. I sent some photos of the tabs to mdbrandy some time ago, but must have erased them. What does yours look like?


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The tool box lids for the tool boxes IN the rear deck are metal. They also have a 90° twist locking lift handle.

The tool box lids for the ones in FRONT of the rear deck (and behind the seats) are plastic. The lids have a full width hinge that screws to the floor, and the knob at the other side screws (if I remember right) onto the captive nut on the brackets on the vertical wall.

Having both tool boxes would definitely be unusual.

You have TWO indents for switches on the dash? Then you must not have the 4-way Hazard Flasher Lights on your car. That's odd, as the wiring is built in to the wiring harness.

What about the Hand Throttle? The console you have is the only one that I recall that had the provision for it.

As Spock would say: "Fascinating."


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I have two indents on the dash - typical early series - and one indent has the hazard flasher switch. The upper indent is just closed off, but has the frame for another switch behind it. I also have provision for a hand throttle next to the choke. My console has two switch locations with cover plates - one for the rear glass demister, and the other for fog lamps - as the icon images indicate. The plastic tool lids are not the same size BTW.

I would love to see a chassis with both tool doors and lids. What say you 240znz?

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talking of the hand throttle in the console, they were included as standard equipment on early UK cars. My ex california z has provision for it in the console but not the hardware. I was going to buy a spare choke cable setup and try to get the hand throttle working on mine.

By the way my rear deck does not have tool dors but it does have 2 gaping holes where some dork decided to put cutouts for some speakers!!!!!! And also 2 speaker cutouts in a brand new rear hatch carpet!!!! The carpet is $110 new from MSA - I could've cried.

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Originally posted by EScanlon

What about the Hand Throttle? The console you have is the only one that I recall that had the provision for it.

I have the hand throttle. The stupid PO removed the cable, and lost the plastic handle, but the actual lever is still there. Attached is a pic of what I had when I bought it. The second lever knob is actually a second choke knob that the PO had on the lever.

BTW, anyone know what picture is on the knob that the hand throttle would use?



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Originally posted by abas


I have just bought some repro plastic toolboxes from ebay. I'll let you know how they compare to the originals when I get them

I've seen those on e-bay, and wondered if they are comparable to the ones you can get through MSA or Victoria British. Let us know.

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It was taken me 12 months to get back on email so I fear that it will take longer to get my digital camera taking to my "Noahs Ark" PC. But I'll post the pics I have as soon as I can.

I have only metal hatch lids (with the 90 degree thumb twisty lever). Under the hatches is a space where a tool box would go. From what I am reading now from your previous posts is that I don't have these tool boxes. I just have the original hatches. So I guess that the plastic tool box lids and not the metal hatches are what the brackets are for.

In answer to your other question. Yes I have the hand throttle complete (cable broken). I will not be fixing it as it is the single most dangerous thing in the car.

I don't have the side mounted indicators that I think you are referring to. It only have front and rear indicators (amber of course).

It has the original engine and head (E31...off car in some need of repair/rebuild/sale), E88 on it at the moment and I haven't driven any other 240's so I wouldn't know the difference between a E31 or E88 headed ride or not.

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Has anyone got a picture that they can post showing where these plastic lids fit. I still can't see where they fit. Maybe they are only for the series 2 model.

I have vinyl liners under the hatch on my series 1. It looks stock as they are very old and are showing their age. They come out really easy as the contact adhesive is shot. Looks as though the design team lost interest under the hatches or too busy to get the series 1 out on time.

Digital camera is out this morning and I'll post some pictures of what mine looks like later today (if I can win the battle with the PC)


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The plastic toolbox lids only fit the series 1 (read: one) Z's. They have a hinge that attaches with screws to the floor of the car behind the seats on the raised area (there should be brackets welded to the floor of the car) and then the two L-shaped brackets on the vertical wall behind the seats for the top of the toolboxes to be screwed into with a couple knurled knobs. If you have two lidded compartments on the luggage area floor just behind the seats, then you don't need the plastic toolboxes. I have attached a picture of the plastic toolbox floor brackets in my car behind the left hand drivers seat (circled). Note that my L-shaped bracket on the wall (see the black painted area) was removed by the previous owner.

hope this helps.


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