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Modified 240Z pics

Heavy Z

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VERY VERY VERY NICE :love: I love the hood. It has a real corvette 454 stingray look. Good flow of bodylines Touch of fairlady touch of corvette but all within the same timeline. Thank you for your great taste and love for the Z.

So few Z cars get so lucky. :cry:

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Thanks everyone for the comments, I appreciate the kind words and will try to answer your questions:

carguy - yes, the old corvette style had a hand in influencing how this car was planned. Also, the 327 in it is from a '67 vette (although the only part still 'vette' on it is the block :classic: ) so the scoop made sense to me.

CZCar - I'll post more shots of the scoop soon and no I didn't build it, it's from a '69 comet.

dero - this car hauls arse. There are many faster Z's than mine, I'm happy with the 400 or so hp I've got and have a 100 shot left to install for added kicks.

v12horse - I think that's what the mirrors are called(made of spun aluminum), I got them from victoria british. My rims are 15x8 all the way around, no spacers, with yoko avs 205/60/15 front and 225/60/15 rear.

Thanks again and good luck with you Z's everyone.


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Looks sweet, nice job. Hey, where do you guys find those headlight covers? I was looking around a bit but did not actually come across anything. Is there a particular place to check out? i was looking on Motorsport Auto but they did not have pictures of them, just saying they were three pounds and about 50 bucks. Are these the ones I would be looking for?


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That is sweet! I have always liked the idea of a stock Z, which was the very first car I ever owned, but even back then I remember buying an engine swap publication, and one of the projects was a smallblock V8 into a Z. I think this is the nicest example of that kind of swap that I have seen! And the black is THE colour! I think if I ever get another 240, I will think seriously about that colour.


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