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Turbo to none Turbo??


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Hi ,Zeds

I bought a really good looker with a Turbo motor

set up with fuel injection. But no Turbo. Was planning to

put the turbo back on but because of the cost and problems

in finding parts. Have decided against. Was thinking of

keeping the Turbo motor as a lot of money was spent on it.

Can anyone give me the pros and cons of getting the com-

pression back down and running her as a L28.

any advice recieved would be great Thanks in advance!!! :stupid: :mad: :o :classic: :classic:

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Hi Sammy1970,

First of all welcome. I think you will always find someone who can at least offer an opinion, some who can give you seriously good advice on lots of subjects. With turbo stuff thier are two or three absolute top notch forum members.

For your predicament, what is the package you have in place. Can you post pics. Are you running aftermarket or factory gear. would you be better off to grab an as is motor to get you running until you work out a plan of repair or build.

I think these are a few things that you would need to tell before anyone can sujest a fix.




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Hi, Ben

I have uploaded some pictures of my Zed. Taken a few

of the engine block of the L28ET can you tell me anything

about it. Is it an orginal Turbo block? Or has it been built?

N42 9402A is what is stamped on the block I know

we do not have too many here in Aus as they only sold non

turbo here. Imports and custom made I quess is all we have.

I am planning to get her up and running with a few

basic mods. Looking for around 200hp. ANY IDEAS.




:D :beard:

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Hi, sjcurtis

Unloaded pictures of my Zed and turbo engine just

wondering how long its takes for them to be approved and put into the Gallery?

I have an L26 in her but I want to put the L28 back when I lower the compression .

Do not have any Knowlegde on turbos and I want this toy to play with all myself. So its looks like its back to the SU setup. hoping I can use the stronger turbo block to do a few

minor mods on to get 200hp+ Exstractors, head and exhaust.

Correct my if I am wrong L24 151hp, L26 160hp and L28 175hp?

:ermm: :ermm:

Any advice anyone??


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Hi Sam,

I'm located in the southern suburbs. We should hook-up at some stage & have a look at your car.

I await the approval of your gallery sumissions & will have a close look at what you post there.

The N42 block is the 1st-generation L28 casting, with the F54 being the 2nd-generation block, used from around 1982 onwards.

I don't want to comment on your engine without seeing some shots


BUT, converting/building an L-turbo is a piece of cake!

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Originally posted by Sammy1970

Can anyone give me the pros and cons of getting the com-

pression back down and running her as a L28.

Firstly you would have to get the compression back up, as turbo engines generally have lower compression than non turbo motors. More importantly the type of head on the engine rather than the block would be usefull information.

Seriously. Get a turbo. :stupid:

Have you been for a drive in a turbo 6? You'll :love: the power compared to a NA 6.

Z car garage has some info on turbo L28 engines and all the various z heads.



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Originally posted by drunkenmaster

I was of the beleif that the F54 block was the turbo block along with the P90 head.

The N42 block and head were the NA L28 combo.

Not that there is too much difference in the blocks mind you aside from the slight strengthening....

Kinda, but it's a bit more murky than that.

The earliest 280ZXT's actually ran the N42 block & head (the automatic '81's)

When the BW T5 gearbox was sourced for the manual 280ZXT in '82 the F54/P90 combo was also available.

Late 280ZX's & Patrols here in Australia have F54 blocks & I believe that some of the patrols have P90 heads. I have no idea what car my P90 came from, but it was locally delivered.

With suitable chamber mods (or lower-comp pistons), a stock N42/N42 L28E can be force-fed without dramas up to around 300HP.

How does 170kW's @15psi on LPG sound from an internally stock L28?

(no it's not my car)

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I think the best thing you can do is, if you are in Adelaide is go over and visit Ben, He knows a hell of a lot obout turbo and the 240Z. One afternoon could advance your cause by a whole heap.

All the information Ben is offering is on the money and yes as he stated F54/ P90 is an Australian Delivery Combo (NA) in the pre 88 Patrol. As to turbo combination you can get the power you are after with any L series 240/260/ 280 combo, the diffrence is for how long.

good Luck

Steve :classic:

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Thanks, Guys

For all the reply;s made up my mind to keep the

turbo in My Zed. Lucky enough to score a good job so I will be

looking around to get the best set-up I can get my Hands on.

Ben do you Know anyone in our neck of the woods whos selling

a complete turbo Kit or motor setup? There's an L200ET going for

$1495 but I think thats a bit steep. What do you think?

I have heard that the1985 Skyline came out with a L28ET have not seen one yet thats why I asking??? Going to try the Nissan

patrol wreakers to see if I have any luck.

The Zed is in the garage at the moment, petrol tank is off

with the L26 in her when I get her up and running I'll take

a drive down south. She;s had a lot of cash poured into her

Turbo dash, Recaro Leather seats, Mags 265's on the back.

custom wheel arches and a good paint job. Head Turner!!

Thanks again for all the information so far been a big help!!

My numbers 08 82484551 if you know of anyone selling a

Kit our just gives a call.

Thanks Guys

:D :D :D :D :D :cross-eye

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Hi ,Ben

Had a look at the L20ET today and I am wondering

what do I need to look out for when buying A Turbo? Its

done 35000 Kms its been stated. How would I know if the

turbos any good. The guys going to take $300 off if I take

her without a warranty. Any advice would be great as I am

looking to buy. What sort of deal is $1195 it has an auto


Three injectors are missing Blow off valve and starter motor.

Got a copy of pictures of it not to good though.

Got my Gallery approved so you can check it out.

All the Best ! Sammy1970


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For what it's worth, I don't think $1195 is a good price.

Based on what you've stated I think the L20 is not a great engine for turbo charging. It was never designed for it unlike the L28's.

It's smaller capacity and I hope the parts on there are turbo parts.

What I mean is the manifold is the ZX turbo manifold, the distributor airflow meter are ZX turbo ones.

Are you buying it just for parts? If you are try offer a bit less.

The best way to check a turbo is to check for play in the shaft.

It will be hard to determine internal damage but one good way to see if the engine was running right would be to remove the turbo and see if the carbon is dark black to pale brown.'

If it's pale brown the engines been running too lean(not good). if it's a darkish brown could be alright.

Ben what's your thoughts?

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Sorry guys, been away from the PC!

That looks like the L20AET located at City Dismantlers to me.

The L20AET was first released inthe C210 Skyline GT-ES turbo in the late 1970's. It was the first mass-produced Japanese turbocharged engine. It was also available in the HR30 Skyline GT-ES Turbos, alongside the FJ20ET models.

It's only about 100kW though, and wouldn't fare to well against a fresh L26. The only things that it's really good for are the exhaust manifold, the distributor & the rocker-cover. I'd get a new turbo, and fit it to an appropriately decompressed L28E. The end result will be much more satisfying.

The other thing to consider is that if it is the engine I think it is, it's been there since City Dismantlers opened many years ago!

$1000 bucks is pretty expensive for those parts, and I'm not sure if a late model turbo will bolt-on to the factory manifold.

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Thanks , Gavan

From what you are saying I won't be buying

the L20ET I was looking at it for the parts getting a (Good)

spare motor would have justified the price. Think I need to

learn more before I part with any money don;t you LOL

Hi ,Ben

search continues had a look for nissan patrol the guys

there say the L28ET only came out in a D. N54 seems to be the

one I want with a p90 head.

would'nt mind having a look at your setup need to do a lot

more homework. Got a garage full of Z parts might be able to help you out in return. :D

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No problem I have been looking to do a turbo set up with my L28 I have already aquired a P90 head and F54 block :).

There's alot of Nissan parts out there but finding the correct ones for the job is the tricky bit.

Ben is right I had forgotten that the L20A(Meaning L20 6 Cylinder). Had come in the C210 Skylines, what engine head did they have Ben?

From what I know the ZX turbo had a different intake manifold and distributor to the stock L28E.

At the moment though I don't have the funds to do the turbo set up I would like. Even a basic set up is gonna be too expensive at this stage.

I'm looking at building a NA motor with the P90 head that should get good results and be a bit more reliable.

There's alot for me to still learn and I've been into these cars a few years, I find Ben is very good with turbo information he's building a beast of an engine.

Is it done Ben? :)

Just ask us and we'll gladly help you out.

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I have no idea what head casting the L20AET had, but if it's anything like the L20AE, then the valves & ports are like pea-shooters....

As for my TT project, well it's still underway (slowly) I've got my P90 head back now from being ported cc'd & flowed.

It's not a cheap project, the exhaust manifold was $1500, the wastegate $800 & the head-work $1000. I have yet to buy pistons & prep the block & rods.

The intake manifold is also ported/flowed & I still plan on using my AiResearch intercooler (which should be good for about 400HP of flow).

The trimming which is currently underway will cost me the best part of $2k and I want to get the car 'finished' minus the big engine before the end of the year.

It will probably take me all of next year to finish the engine (and there's at least $10k of investment left in that part).

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Hi, Gaven ,Ben

The turbo motor was the one at City Dismanters

motors are not the only thing they dismantle ehh!

Came accross a turbo kit for a 4.5Lt petrol patrol. AVO is the

company that sells them in Victoria so they do make turbo

petrol engines just not at City Distmantlers? :ermm: :ermm:

I'll post a picture so you can tell me your thoughts on the

4.5 petrol turbo kit. Wondering if I could use the exhaust

manifold if they sell it separate?

Sounds like your going all the way on your

setup Ben like to see that when your done!! Just a few more

dumb Questions on turbo setups. Should I fit a 280 fuel tank.

What Diff would you recommend? Going to go through my

car and see exaltly whats there on the drive train ect. Its all

new so I am hoping I am setup there!!

Is there anyone in Adelaide that you would

say is the best for Zed car Turbos. Have spoken to Barry at

(Datsport) at Lonsdale. Hes my first choice at the moment.

Spoken to him a copy of times and hes done more than a few.

Prefer to go with garages that do Zeds!

Whats the difference from a turbo intake manifold and a

normal fuel injected one just currious to see which I have??

Thanks again for all your help and advice:D :D


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The turbo manifold from the Patrol won't fit the L series engine. It may fit the RB motors, but why bother?

You should fit a larger fuel feed into your existing tank & use the original feed as the EFI return. You will also need a lift-pump, a surge tank & a high-pressure pump.

The R180 diff will be just fine, an LSD R200 is the top-model upgrade. Your 260Z may already have an R200 (in which case, you are set). The only thing I recommend is the replacement of all universal joints & a re-balance of the tailshaft.

The OEM turbo manifold has larger runners, but the NA manifold will flow plenty.

Baz has been in the game for a long time & knows plenty about datto's.

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The P90 is not essential but prefered a N42 is almost the same in many ways and I think Ben was saying the first 280zx's had the n42 on it.

The P79 also had the same design but I think something on the exhaust ports to stop emissions forgot there name but apparently they hurt flow but then again there's no real proof of that.

The E88 can be used for turboing I think a guy in the states did alot of custom work as it's what he does for a living and pushes 500hp out of his L28 E88 combo.

Keep in mind the P90 will be set up for the EFI manifold already.

A guy here in Melbourne is using an N42 and the head has been custom drilled for extra cooling and less chance of blowing a head gasket.


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