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carbon fiber hoods


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mebbe you didnt see the price tag of 350 bucks on the link i provided, 350 aitn that bad for a look defining part ya think?

I mean, Ive been lookin for some of those old style bolt on type flares and those seem to go for 100 a piece, thats 400 bucks right there

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That's what I was thinking Ron, there's too much price difference... so you gotta wonder about the quality of the cheaper one. Plus, it's a carbon fiber/fiberglass hood. It's only as good as its weakest link, which would be the fiberglass he used to make the frame and hinge mounts. I don't know about Les' hood, whether it's all carbon fiber or not, so I can't say it isn't worth 600... but that's an awful lot of money just so you can say you've got a carbon fiber hood.....

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