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ack, i been burgled


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Went to leave for work this morning and and my hood was open, my battery reconnected ( I disconnect it at night because I have a short killing my battery) and my driver side door open.

I had heard the dog barking after midnight and got up looked and went to the bathroom. Must have scared em off.

I dont wanna spend the money on an alarm yet!:angry:

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You guys are lucky it could have been more! A person I know caught someone getting into his car and so he beat the living day lights out of the bad guy and now he is the one in trouble with the law. Go-figure!

Hey, grab your coil wire and pop it out when you go in at night and at least it won't start. Get a motion light for on top you house, garage, or parkway. Kill switches are cheap too.

Good luck, and be careful.


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for someone to go to the trouble of opening the bonnet to see why the car wasn't going would seem to imply they were specificly after a Z, probably to order.

Do something or they might try again, do you have an electric fuel pump?

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I was thinkin that if someone knew to open the hood to hook up the battery it might be someone close enough to my house that sees me do it every night, mebbe im paranoid

as for lights, I have 2 pits and a rott, dont get much better alarms,.I just need to pay more attention when they bark I guess

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With this recent rash of thefts and joy-rides... maybe it's time I dug into my closet and see if I still have the old Clifford alarm I cought back in the late 80's and never used and put it up for sale.:cross-eye

That's the nice thing about living in a small town, back then I didn't need it cuz everyone knew better than to mess with my car....:devious: :bandit:

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