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Another Z spotting.. on T.V.... but Snoop Dog?


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I was watching MTV yesterday, and I noticed that on Snoop Dogg's show...

"Snoop Doggy Fizzle Televizzle"... there was a skit where he was playing a PiMp naturally and he lived in the ghetto...

and there was an 280ZX.. white in beautiful condition, but they ripped off the passenger door and rear window.. and put on black trash bags, to make it look like it was a sitting pile of junk, or going through restoration outside.

:( made me sad

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if you guys ever watch "That 70s Show" keep a look out for a 240Z. You will see it when Eric is working at the dinner. The will show it twice; when eric looks at donna, then later when in the dinner also eric looks at his mom...Both times in the background

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Just got done watching "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas, 2 Zs that I saw. One outside the fast food restaurant as he is walking in, and another outside Mr. Yi's market when Prendergast goes back to look around.

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