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260z head

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It would have the E88 head, all our 260Zs have that as far as I know, I haven't seen any other head. I just finished pulling one from a late 260z, and watch out if bloody hurts when you drop it on your foot :). Its cast on the spark plug side of the head if you want to check, near the front of the motor. You sure its not had the round tops retrofitted, either pommy or japanese?

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Yeah the head may be alright (but it would need a slight shave) its a freshly rebuilt head and engine (less than 20,000k's ago), and seems to have been put together missing a big corner of the headgasket. The company who did it for the previous owner, not naming any names seems shonky, there were far too many nonmetric bolts on it for my liking :mad:

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Originally posted by halz

The '77 260z I looked at last weekend had a N42 head. Why do you ask? Is this your 2+2?

I ask because my 260z i just bought is still at the po's house, so i cant go and read the casting number. I think it has headers that i'd like to put on my L24 which wont be a problem if they both have the same head.

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