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While several of us in the PDX-VAN area have toyed with the idea of a "club", most of us find that we're not looking for an organized, dues paying, monthly meeting with officers etc.

We've talked to the guys with Northwest Z (if I recall the name right) but their meetings are in Salem and on a week-night. That makes it very difficult for any of us to attend since the time the meetings are held would require most of us to leave in the middle of the afternoon, and then the return trip. We've even discussed being a satellite or affiliate chapter, but haven't really come up with anything yet.

I would love to have us all get together, but the time and place gets hard to pin down..

As an opener, and here's an opportunity, Pearson Air Field in Vancouver (Right by Ft. Vancouver) is holding their Wednesday Evening Cruise In. If I recall right, it's $3 per person / car, and all sorts of vehicles attend. I'm planning on being there this coming one July 23, so let's see how many of us can make it.


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It isn't the distance, what is it about 70 miles from Vancouver, it's the time of the day and week.

You've seen traffic through Portland after 3pm, it gets packed and if you leave for Salem at 3pm you'll be 1 to 1.5 hours just getting THROUGH town before you can hit highway speeds again for another hour. Then there's the return leg later at night with work the next day. So, a total of at least 3.5 hours of driving (figuring 45 mins accross Portland and an hour there times two). That's what Gary and I have discussed as being a bit much.


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yup. We should just set a date and time at a local watering hole and see who and how many are interested. Mc Minimins has pubs all over the place and they are not roudy or runchy and have good food. What do you think sports fans . GaryROFL

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I just e-mailed Nickbean in Bellingham, WA. and Tranzor-Z in Oak Harbor, WA. and I live in Marysville, WA.

I was just asking them about roughly the same thing a get together of all our friends who own Z's, some where central for all of us who dont wanna pay dues,etc

a picnic, tech talk, driving, Etc. bringing the wives, girlfriends, etc

lets figure out something that works for all of us here in the N.W.

and soon.

let me know what ya thing and get back to me.

Dave in Marysville, WASHINGTON.

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