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WTB: 240z


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I am located in Minnesota, and I am looking for a good restoration project 240z. Rust is ok, as long as it is not to extensive. I am willing to do some engine work, but the car must be driveable. I would like a car that is somewhat close to minnesota, not necessarily local, but I don't want to pay shipping from CA or AZ. Also, my budget is around $3000-$4000.


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I am open minded about color and year. I am a fan of the z cars in general, but the 240z is my preferred body style.

I dunno about texas being to far away. Do you have any pics of the one you are selling. I assume you have one close to what I am looking for.

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I have a 75 280Z maroon, with total ground effects. Only about 8000 miles on rebuilt engine + mild Motorsport cam, K&N, Short throw shifter, header, wood steering wheel, blaupunct am/fm/cd

interior in very good condition. Also less than $1000 miles ago all new urethane bushings, clutch, ball joints, tierods, tokico & eibach struts & springs. I am going to ask $4500. Here's a pic I have others if interested. Live in Atlanta area.

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Howdy, I am in Omaha NE and have a 73 240 for sale. It is about 95% complete. You can see pics of it on ebay Motors if you search for "New Silver Paint". (although the car is now yellow)

Highlights include:

MSA front airdam.

full dash cap

sunroof (somepeople hate this)

good rubber (RWL Firestones on AR Racing Turbine wheels)

l24 engine w/ 1970 Carbs and N36 intake

(spare e31 head and everything needed to swap heads)

280zx internally reg. 60amp alternator

280zx electronic ignition

all smog equipment and airconditioning removed

MSA Headers and 2.5" exhaust all the way back

Holley Blue electric fuel pump - pusher in rear.

Interior very nice.

Floor pans replaced with new Sheet metal and then f-glassed over

New carpet

all inetrior trim in tact and accessories working

I would like to get 4k out of this car.

Willing to cooperate with tansportation.

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