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Found a Z, need advise


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I just started a job at a car dealership and work in the storage building where they keep cars that usually don't sell in winter. I saw a Z there and didn't think much of it. Then a couple days ago I was told to work on it. It kinda grew on me and I've always wanted to start road racing and thought this would be a perfect car. I asked the owner how much I could buy it for and he said $2500. I'm starting a car collection and figured this would be a nice addition.I'm only 23 and just starting it. All I have so far is a 97 SHO, only 18000 96-99 SHO's were produced, should be worth something.

Cliff notes: Found a 71 240Z, like it.

I noted some things that are wrong with it.

Clutch not working, stuck engaged. I'm thinking it has something to do with the master cylinder as the reservoir was dry, added fluid and it still didn't work. No pressure at all in peddle.

Carbs need work. I got it running after a little tinkering, but they will need at least to be cleaned. Did run strong considering it hasn't run for almost a year.

Hole in floor pan. I'd imagine a replacement is readily available.

Those are the major items, others are minor and mostly cosmetic.

Condition wise it's great. New paint (Buffed out GREAT!), no rust, interior good but will need carpets and there's a hole in the seat. I still haven't put it on a lift yet but looking under it there seemed to be nothing wrong.

The history I found out so far was just that it sat for at least 5 years and has 66k original miles. It was locally owned in my county. It's in NY so I know it wasn't driven in winter or it would be rusted out.

Given that info does this look like something to buy? Or should I wait for another. I've decided I want a Z so if not this one, definatly another.

BTW, is has Shelby wheels on it if that means anything.

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$2,500 is too expensive if it's not in 100% working order. From the problems you describe, it could cost you up to $500 to fix it.

Where's the hole in the floor pan? All Z pans have a drain hole which is usually plugged with a rubber stopper.

If it's rust - beware. That could be signs of other rust hiding out in the car.

Offer him $1,500 and see what he does. :rolleyes:


PS: You'll definitely need a Zcar Microfiche CD. (yes, that was a plug for our CD!!!)

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Sell the SHO if you have to, it will never be the equal of an early Z.

The clutch problem is most likely a leak in one of the lines. You need to replace both the master and slave cylinders. Not a big deal.

The early Z's are going to shoot up in value real soon. Forget about the SHO. It's UGLY!!

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No Mike, but this (left hand drive, not right) from japan Z is the ultimate fantasy. You will be all day looking at the detailed pictures from the interior,engine,underneath and out. I will attach the link later. I will post a picture of mine when I finish the L28 conversion.:)

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Get rid of the G-nose and those ugly looking flairs and that would be a beautiful ride. Those flairs look like something GM is now pasting all over the side of their "new" designs.

Sorry, but in my opinion the G-nose is ugly, it takes away the lines that make the Z so classy in the first place, but I'd walk a mile through the desert for those wheels!!!! Maybe I should have my Panasports powder coated whenever I get my car finished.

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