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HELP>>>funny engine sounds

Cuong Nguyen

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I'd have to agree with the cam/valves assesment.

It might be just me, but it almost sounds like he has more than one valve hitting a piston... has the cam timing been verified? I'm just wondering if it has jumped timing on one or both cams......:disappoin

First thing to do is pull the plugs and see if or which one has signs of damage, this may tell which cylinder or cylinders are the problem if something like a valve seat has been bouncing around on top of the piston.

Then verify the cam timing.

If that fails to show anything out of th eordinary, it's time to pull the head and get a good look.

I wouldn't run that engine any more... it already sounds expensive enough.....:(

As a side note, you ought to pull the intake and exhaust off the turbo as well to see if the impellers are damaged, if anything did go through the cylinder, you know where it will end up doing damage last.......It's a slim chance, but it could be the turbo impellers.... any oil showing around the exhaust?

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Has he checked the turbo flange gasket?

It does sound a bit like my L28ET did when I blew this gasket a while back.

On second thought, it sounds much more horrible than that.

My pre-listening cringing was warranted....

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news update of the car. It is not good news and it is enough to make a grown man cry...

This engine was in a S14 Silvia and had the GTR engine conversion (RB26DETT) Being in the US, it is a fairly big thing to do as the engines arent thick on the ground as other places such as Australia.

The owner has receipts for US$60K + the cost of the car and labour that he has put in.

This is the car now...



Cuong Nguyen

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Not really a lack of experience.

I had a further look around the website, this explains it for those who are interested;

On the way back from the show, the worst possible thing happened. We were about 20 miles from home when the trailer on the truck started swaying back and forth. Nothing too out of the ordinary as it had been doing this for quite some time off and on all the way back from Chicago. This time, I guess I either had the trailer too close to the edge of the road or the shoulder on the road was a little narrow. Either way, the tires on the left side of the trailer hit the gravel and pulled the rest of the trailer into the ditch. This wouldn't have been a problem had there not been a guard rail there that the trailer clipped head on pulling my truck into it and sending LILGTR flying. When I finally stopped the truck going completely opposite traffic (good this there was none at 4:21 in the morning) and the car was no longer on the trailer. It was pitch black outside but I got out and walked around a little bit. There were lots of ruts in the road from my truck and the trailer. I walked even farther down the ditch and I finally found my car. It was laying upside-down in a mangled heap of metal. It was a total loss.

Now he's trying to get the insurance company to pay out. Good luck to him I say.

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Hi All,

Michael is right, LILGTR came off the trailer on the way home from a show.

Steve, the motor was supposed to come out just after the show to have it checked out and rebuilt. LILGTR had ONLY recently got out of the paint shop too!

Very sad for Karl, his car was very nice and very well know too...hope it works out for him in the end.

Makes me think that I should have insurance for my RB26 240Z!!!


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