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Yarb, here it is 😉

Package wasn't very big but it seems to all be there. I haven't looked to see if the patterns all run the same way the factory pieces do. Won't have time to check it this weekend.

There are some white marks on the tunnel trim pieces. Some kind of pencil or grease marker. I will update once I get those off



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Sorry to be a nay sayer...I ordered diamond vinyl from Interior Innovations and the quality was far less than desired. The material was thin and cheap, and the embossing was almost non-existent. I returned it for a full refund. This was about 3+ years ago. Not sure what is with the sewn diamond patterns, but if you want real leather, I suppose its the only way to get the look of embossed vinyl. I had another negative experience with Banzai. It wasn't the quality, as I never saw what Mike offers...it was just dealing with him on a set that was sourced from Distinctive Industries. At the time, they were changing material vendors and I saw a "puffy" vinyl set that Chet Whitle had received for a car he was doing...and called Mike with my concerns. He immediately cancelled my order without discussion. I was in shock...! I'm sure he is a great resource to the "Z" hobby, but wasn't to me at the time. I ended up with a kit from Motorsports and am very pleased with the quality. All the best...Ryals



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