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Wheel Hub Differences


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So, I've got a question about wheel hubs. I was putting the new rotors on my freshly cleaned up hubs. Once they were all together I noticed that the two hubs were not the same.

I've owned this car since 1995. The previous owner was the first owner (bought it brand new in '76). I have never replaced the wheel hubs. I don't think he did either. However, the hubs are different, see attached pictures. 

The question: Do these differences actually matter?

Wheel Hub 2.jpg

Wheel Hub 1.jpg

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Have you checked the edge of the short one for damage?  I had a 78 hub that had that lip worn off due to a pebble getting trapped in the gap and grinding away.  It didn't matter much because the seal seat was intact.  Wipe the grease off and see if it's a machined surface or jagged.

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41 minutes ago, Zed Head said:

It didn't matter much because the seal seat was intact.

The hub rides on the bearings.  So the bearing race seats and the seal seats are what matter on the inside.  I think that the lip is protection to keep dust and dirt away from the seal. 

When you put it back together look down at the gap and you'll probably see its purpose.

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It looks like that lip rides over the step on the spindle. The seal is farther in. I agree with Zed a debris shield. 

Functionally it keeps dirt off the seal, which could potentially fail and release grease on the brakes. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-24 at 4.30.02 PM.png

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