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Unicorn Part - 5-Speed 1st Gear Bushing

Matthew Abate

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I am in the middle of having my 5 speed rebuilt and ran into a major issue. The shop tells me I can't move forward without replacing the 1st gear bushing (PN: 32253-14600), which turns out to be NLA. Not only is the original NLA, the supersessions seem to be as well.

If anyone (who isn't a scammer) wants to sell me one, please send me a direct message.

If anyone knows of an alternate part that isn't in the supersession list, please let me know!

Supersession Part Number: 32253-14611
Replaces: 32253-14600, 32253-14601

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@EuroDat is that first one a legit resource? Looks suspect given the other Nissan parts websites all say NLA.

@jerz I saw that, but was hoping to get my hands on one faster than Part Souq can get it to me. The things I’ve purchase there all took months to arrive.

I might try Amayama if I can’t get it faster than they can, which is the 26th.

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1 hour ago, Matthew Abate said:

@EuroDat is that first one a legit resource? Looks suspect given the other Nissan parts websites all say NLA.

Yes, It is a legit website and the parts looks original in box. I know one person that has used them in the past to buy parts for a 71C. It is a little expensive for you with shipping. You might be able to find something closer.

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On 10/14/2022 at 7:34 AM, Matthew Abate said:

Looks like it’s my only option. Amayama is going to take 5 months. Nissanparts.at is 20 days.

You could try JP-CarParts. They list it as being available and generally only takes a couple of weeks through them after placing an order. Chat with them through Whatsapp before placing an order. Sometimes the part they find is not in stock by the supplier because the supplier hasn't updated their data.

Your part should be very easy for them to find because it was in a wide range of vehicles.Screenshot_20221015-080610.jpg

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