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Fuel pump help needed!!


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I know I posted this in the Carb section already but help is needed.

I am putting my L28 from a '81 into my '73 240Z. It uses the P79 head and will be using the early round top SU carbs. I need to go with an electric pump. I need to know:

Which pump; Brand, psi, gallons per hour.

And do I simply regulate the line under the hood well before the carbs, or do I double regulate right before before the carbs at the "T", thereby leaving the system unhindered and avoiding possible vapor-lock?


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Any good electric fuel pump (Carter, Holley, BG, etc.) will work. I would run one regulator (down to 4 to 5 psi) on the right fenderwell. You can also buy fuel pumps that have a built in regulator.

I run a Carter - part # 180-P4600HP which is priced at $69.99 at Jegs: http://www.jegs.com. What's nice about this pump is that its internally regualted 6 to 8 psi so I don't need a regulator.

- John

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