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260z 2 seater Values


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The insurance people have just called about the car, its a write off, the accessor guy told my dad $4000, not knowing what the actaull value was my dad said no problem, Now, the problem is that i want around 4500-5000 to be able to get another decent car, not that i havn't got spare cash etc, just that id rather use that for mods on the car rather the outright car...

So, i have documented $2600 in receipts for parts for the Z, and $1800 for engine rebuild work, now thats just $4000 in its own, but relying that the insurance will say that they are parts etc, and so its worth like %50 of what you spent, and mind you that $4000 doesn't include labour i did all the work myself with my dad, well thats what i am thinking the insurance company will say, I am insured for maximum cover of $5000, i thought that i would get this amount no problem, which isn't so, so i gotta make sure that i've got a case with the insurance company, I've got to show adds for 260z 2 seater 5spd that are for sale, and i've got a few this week, and from last weeks trading post, and if anyone else can help me out with accessment values, maybe your insure has accessed your vehicle, i would really like it if you could photocopy the sheet and send it to me, or scan it in and send to my email... etc..

Just want to find out, if anyone else has had some experiance in this area, and could help me out, redbook values the car at around the 2500-4500 mark, which doesn't help me at all, and means really jack $^!# towards old Z's, and showing the pictures that i have got of the car, it was a very very nice car etc... and if with all the receipts i got it won't be a problem to get the extra $1000 from the insurance guys, this has already lasted 3 weeks without a car, and can't really wait that long, as i got another car that i want to buy

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Call Vigil insurance (13140) - they deal in insurance for Classic cars. I spoke to them about 2 years ago to get rough values for 240 and 260Zs. At that time they suggested the following for 260Zs in Australia:

Poor cond: $1800

Average cond: $5400

Councours cond: $9500

Time changes everything and these figures will have moved too. If you have Vigil's estimates plus pictures of your car you may be able to convince your assessor that $4000 is short of the mark...

Good luck - you are in "blood from a stone" territory now!


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well basically, the max i can get from them is 5k minus excess which is $450, and well i'll be fighting them for around $500 bucks, which will take around 3-8weeks to sort out, then for them to even give me a cheque after that time will be ages, and i don't have the time to mess around as i need a car for work, play and school...

and as its 3rd party, theres nothing extremely i can do, like getting them to replace the car etc..

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Just Cars Magazine, (Australia's most widely read classic car marketplace), rates the 260Z as;

Excellent condition, $12,000.oo

Fully roadworthy and driveable, 5,000.oo

Poor condition, 2,000.oo

In the June edition, (I haven't got July's yet), there is a 1974 260Z

for sale, asking price is $8,500.oo

There is a 76 model 2+2 for $5,000.oo

There are four 240Zeds offerred for $8,500.oo, $8,900.oo,

$15,000.oo and $17,500.oo for a car set up for rallying.

Probably of little help to you I'm afraid.

Good luck,


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