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2 240Zs for sale in Perth, Aus


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The manual car has a 260 engine, reupholstered (non-orig) interior and other nasties. The auto is, well, an auto...

Interestingly, one of these guys seems to have a lot of parts for Zs - something for future reference...

As for snapping, did that ages ago - got past it, now just in the dribbling incoherent phase..!:cheeky:

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Thats the way HalZ be the decerning buyer. Take your own sweet time and drewl on every 240z that pops its bonnet for you. It will pop out and bite you when its the right one. About the AUTO dont discard without thought. some of them are absolute jems hiding in sheeps clothing. I have one that is a balistic missile when you get it on good highway ( read road in Australia not NSW).

good luck with the "Quest"


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Originally posted by datfreak

Rail frieght from the west to east coast wouldnt be to scarey would it?:classic:

Try TNT. I got truck freight for $250 from Brisbane to Sydney. It was a depot to depot service under a tarp. A full enclosure costs a little bit more but is not necessary imo. They write up a pickup report (scratches, dents, faults etc) and check the car at arrival against the report. Good service overall.

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Join the RACV, take out their Total Cover and nominate the car on that member policy, fly over to WA, make sure it isn't drivable back to wherever & you need to be back home tomorrow [or the day after], call the RACV tell them you were heading home when the F$%%@# thing blew up and your mechanic is the only one who can fix it! Next you know you have an airticket across the continent and a car being freighted back home all for under $200!

Bless The Total Care package & the RACV , it's got us out of a couple of big jams over the years!

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OK replies follw:

1. Freight is cheaper going West to East than vice versa. Eg, shipping a car from Sydney to Perth would osy arounf $900-$1100. From Perth to Sydney around $600-$800. Why? Lots of empty trucks going from West to East I assume.

2. The guy with the $7500 car lives in Oakford. He was trying hard to talk up his non-original car... but as many of you know, swapped engines, different paint colour and velour interiors do not wash with me..!

3. I have not looked at either car.

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Hope you find the right 240z one day halz.

i still haven't found anything decent either and I'm constantly looking for another z. Just trying to find one that is not for sale yet and owned by an old guy who's had it a long time. Dream...dream.

Anyway J.F.I.S the guy in oakford is the son of the guy in Canning vale I believe. there is also another son in scarboroug I think but he's a pretty nice guy.They keep on selling those zeds.

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