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Types of engines..... need some help..


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I have noticed that while browsing and reading on this site and about Z cars.. there are several different types of engines... for example:

I know I have an L28e (L-engine code/28-displacement 2.8/e-single overhead cam)

Then i see stuff like an N42 L28...


and a bunch of other... RARE or hard to find engines....

what are common or rare Datsun engines that people want or swap in? I know there is the common V8 swap and stuff, but I would like to know the inline 6 swaps.... and how special are they?

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Most of the "special engines" are just differnt heads. All of the N42 e88 etc. are head ID#'s. I know there is a year or two that have siamesed cylinders and are better or worse for racing, I forget. If you search the forums for "different heads" you can come across a few good posts.

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so then basically there is the common engines...

L24/L26/L28/L28eT/VG30ET for Z cars and then the VG30ETT

so basically all those other names are just diff. heads... hmm

Sorry about my lack of research..... but what is the most common, most powerful head swap for L28's?

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L24, L26, L28 = 2.4, 2.6, 2.8 L-series motors.

L28 = Electronics fuel injection

Im not good with the L24 and L26 but the L28 is the L series motor to have in my opinion if you after a bolt in swap.

They come in older N42 blocks or F54 blocks. The F54 are said to be stronger.

You then have N42 and P79 and P90 heads, P90 is the turbo head but it can be used for NA and it is regarded as the best flowing. Different motors cam out with different pistons, flat, dished and dome altering compression.

You can also fit L24 and L26 heads to the L28 changing compression and characteristics again.

Any this is just the L series motor!

If you want something modern look at the RB series motor :geek:

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no way i could ever afford or attempt to but in an RB series motor.

If i were to go 2.0 i would go SR20DET....

but other than that.. i want something fairly simple for my low income 17 year old high-school student as myself to accomplish.

Just something with an adiquite amount of difficulty.... good power.... and lots of help if I need it.... (hint: you guys :))

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found a GREAT site about all that stuff...

Click on Performance Tips....



L24 (1970 240Z)

#E31 (flattop pistons)

L24 ('71-73 240Z)

#P30 (flattop pistons)

L26 ('74 260Z)

#P30 (flattop pistons)

L28 ('75-80 280Z)

#N42 (dished pistons)

L28 ('81-83 280ZX)

#F54(flattop/dished pistons, siamesed cylinders)

Even better page!!!!


Nice diagram

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Also lets not forget the L28ET swap.

A 280zx turbo engine will also go right into your Z, You can find these at junk yards sometimes if you wanna go cheap.

I also have a 78 280z and i want to do the L28ET swap. If you find a good low milage one your Z will GOOOOOO.

Later on when your income increases you can Mod it for even more Horsies.


Check this out !! Video evedinence on a L28ET propelling a Z to an 11.2 quarter mile.


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